Peace of mind for seniors means independence, opportunities to connect and engage, and the certainty that their future is secure. Blue Skies of Texas delivers all this – with a singular dedication to each resident’s well being.


To improve lives by providing quality retirement living with emphasis on individual well-being.



We will redefine excellence in senior living through our relentless pursuit of innovation, service and care.



A Duty to Serve and Care
Commitment to Those in Need
Excellence in All We Do
Service to Community



In 1970, the first of our two campuses opened in San Antonio. Air Force Village I was followed in 1987 by Air Force Village II. For decades, our campuses created a community for officers of the armed forces – a retirement lifestyle rich with camaraderie and the shared common bond. We began by providing support to the widows of those who have served and that legacy continues.  In 2014, we expanded our eligibility to embrace a wider range of retired seniors, including those from civilian careers. With this change, a new name – Blue Skies of Texas – was added, and the campuses were renamed Blue Skies East and Blue Skies West. Continuing to offer modern residences and a range of senior-focused services and amenities, the Air Force Village legacy we cherish carries forward in Blue Skies of Texas.



Still serving retired military officers, today our expanded eligibility makes it possible for those without a military service background to also discover their sky-high possibilities here. We welcome visitors who find San Antonio’s temperate climate, superb dining, excellent shopping, culture, golf, professional sports and casual lifestyle to the liking. Because if you like San Antonio, you’ll love how our tradition-rich, future focused community fits right in.


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