JointCommissionSeaCompassionate, end-of-life care, with the wrap-around support of a qualified professional team: This is the exceptional hospice of Blue Skies of Texas. Taking our services into residents’ homes in independent living, assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care, we follow the hospice philosophy of patient choice with an emphasis on comfort and dignity.

Treasure the day.

Every day in hospice care is a special day to treasure. We do our part, helping the individual manage pain and ensuring their comfort. And then, alongside their family and friends, we focus on the positive meaning and exceptional legacy of the individual’s life.


Higher standards.

Maintaining accreditation through the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP), Medicare certification and an exceptionally qualified team of professionals is the start. The higher standard we stretch to reach is the certainty that each individual in our care – and their family and friends – feel at peace with the dignity, comfort and care we provide.

Just ask. When it’s your loved one, find out more about hospice care at San Antonio’s Blue Skies of Texas. Simply complete the information request on this page or call 1-210-568-5257.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Hospice brings dignity to the end of life, creating a place that honors the individual and their family and friends. To do so, we keep medical professionals and services close at hand, ensuring the patient is comfortable and free of pain and suffering. Professionals include physicians, nurses, social workers, chaplains and home care providers.

End-of-life decisions are as difficult as any that loved ones can make. Conversations with medical professionals, clergy, family and friends, other counseling professionals – these are all frequently part of this journey of decision-making. Most importantly, the person nearing the end of life is involved as much as possible in determining their own destiny.