Freedom, challenge, fulfillment, comfort. You didn’t come this far to sit still – even lingering over dinner with friends, there’s passion in the reminiscing and planning. So the truth is you’re simply not finished yet – not by a long shot. And an independent senior living community that clears the way for new adventures? You’ll fly.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Independent living is a choice you make for yourself. Being ready to make that choice means being ready to shift your energy and attention to rewarding pursuits – without the distraction of worries and domestic responsibilities. Independent living offers you a supportive social network, an assortment of services (cleaning, maintenance, food preparation), available health care and a variety of amenities that make daily living simpler. Many people who are ambitious to carry out their personal plans – whatever those may be – find the simplicity of life in independent living to be truly liberating.

There are different contract options, and the contract you select, along with the floor plan you choose, will determine your cost. Talk to us directly, and we’ll give you a clear sense of the cost of Blue Skies for you. You may want to know residents will pay an upfront entrance fee, which may be partly refundable when they leave the community. Residents also pay monthly services fees that cover upkeep, utilities, meal plans, community infrastructure and many of the services and amenities. And finally, you’ll want to do your own cost comparison, but most residents who crunch the numbers on homeownership vs living at Blue Skies come away surprised by how appealing the senior living community choice is – especially when you also consider the built-in plans for long-term care, if ever needed.

There’s hardly a substitute for boots-on-the-ground experience, vis-à-vis the sense of what daily life is like: Come for a visit if you’re curious. But for those who often wonder if the lifestyle is regimented, it’s not. You’ll be at home in your residence, free to come and go as you please. You can participate in community activities – or not. You can dine with us, eat in or go out. You can conduct yourself as you would anywhere, in any neighborhood. The difference here is that the neighborhood is rich with people like you – similar interests and values, as eager as you to take advantage of what life offers, moving at a pace with a focus that’s the earned privilege of the purpose-driven senior.