Rehabilitation “Prehab” News Letter

Rehab Preoperative Rehabilitation Exercise Program (PREP) Overview – Surgery is a life changing experience which can require weeks to months of recovery, therapy and doctors’ visits, not to mention the added expense of each. Research studies show that pre-surgical preparation reduces the overall cost of postoperative care, incidence of re-injury and improved patient satisfaction.

This preparation period is known as “Prehabilitation” or “Prehab.”

What Prehab Entails

Prehab gives you the opportunity to increase muscle strength and endurance that is critical in allowing the body to undergo such procedures as, but not limited to, rotator cuff repairs, total shoulder replacements, hip or knee replacements and neck/low-back spinal surgeries. Prehab also allows education and training in post-operative precautions, surgery specific protocols, assistive devices (e.g. walkers, canes, reachers, sock-aids, etc.) and exercise programs/dosing.

After an orthopedic surgery, there are high expectations in your ability to walk, navigate steps and be safe with all aspects of your precautions and protocols. The decision on the need for further rehab at a post-acute facility is determined based on these standards in a very quick 1 to 3-day time frame after surgery. This knowledge and training shows quickly after surgery in your ability to recall movement patterns of walking, safety with assistive devices and perform tasks within your new post-operative precautions.

The Benefits of Prehab

Studies show that a 6-week trial of pre-operative therapy reduces the need for inpatient rehabilitation by 73%. This, of course, does not mean further rehab is not warranted. Blue Skies of Texas offers a continuum of care from outpatient rehab, home health services and skilled nursing. This allows access to therapy, planned or not, to allow a greater comfort and ease of mind of your body and wellness.

The benefits of completing a trial of prehabilitation at Blue Skies of Texas includes complete one-on-one care, access to multiple tiers of therapeutic equipment tailored to your specific needs and aquatic therapy at both East and West campuses. Please call the therapy department at 210-568-5171 if you have any questions about starting an exercise program or other therapy related issues.

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