A testimonial from Janice, a family member of a Blue Skies of Texas resident

We know we work in one of the most rewarding professions in the world, but nothing brings us joy quite like hearing it straight from our patients and their loved ones. Here is one of the heart-warming letters we’ve received lately:

Dear Mr. Riedel,

I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the care that you and your staff provide to my mother, Mrs. Jessie (Jo).

I have been in several memory care, assisted living facilities and none were close to the quality of Freedom House.  All of them were like hospital halls with onecentral nurses station and a dining hall where meals and activities were held. Although activities were offered, most of the patients surrounded the nurses station. Most of the caretakers were not sociable and did not seem to care about their patients, and I found out several had a 2nd job at similar facilities.

The layout of Freedom House is outstanding. Large activity room, households, separated into 3 suites, with a common living room and nurse desk, along with a suite dining area and living room, and separate bedrooms that can be individualized to meet the personality and comfort of the individual. In addition, I was very pleased that I could provide a recliner for my Mom in the living room.

It’s very convenient having a beauty/barber shop within Freedom House, as well as a physical therapy room. The children in the child care facility provide smiles and laughter to the residents. If my Mom needs to go to a dental or doctor’s appointment, there is an agency available to meet her transportation and assistance needs.

And the caretakers are wonderful. They take an interest in my Mom and want her to be as comfortable as possible. The nurses are quick to notify me of any changes in my Mom’s health, and then keep me up-to­ date. The med aides always give me a heads-up when her over the counter medications are running low, and always check with me if they have a question on her prescription drugs.

Although some of her clothes have been damaged during the laundry process (always seems to be red lipstick!), you are always ready to reimburse if necessary. And there was an initiative to get iron-on name tags so clothes wouldn’t get lost. Any issues I have brought up, you’ve addressed to the staff, and they have been quickly corrected. Although my Mom isn’t happy about her situation, she says that Freedom House is the best and safest place for her!

And I agree! Thank you, and please share my appreciation to all of your staff. I’d start listing them all, but I’m afraid I may inadvertently miss someone!


Janice, Col, USAF, Ret

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