A Note From Our CEO

When my boys were young and didn’t like something, they would call a “do-over.”  I want a do-over of 2020.  It’s been a hard year for everyone but, because of the vaccines, there is light at the end of the tunnel.  We’re wearing masks, washing our hands incessantly and standing a lot further apart, and now we can add an additional weapon to our arsenal.

Blue Skies of Texas completed the first round of vaccines on January 6th, 2021.  Our Pharmacy Partnership Program team will be back 21 days later for the second shot.  While seniors around the United States are standing in long lines or sleeping in their cars overnight to get the vaccine, Blue Skies residents had a short 30-minute wait from start to finish.  Residents were ecstatic after a year of tough news and changes to normal life.

We’ve made changes to keep our residents safe and secure.  What has not changed is our deep commitment to improve lives by providing exceptional retirement living.

Blue Skies of Texas has always been known for the “aggressive friendliness” of our residents.  Guests are often stopped by residents who explain why they moved here and why they love it so much.  You’ll still see that friendliness today as new residents continue to move in despite the coronavirus.  In fact, a number of residents actually accelerated their move in dates because they felt safer and better cared for living at Blue Skies.

It is safe to visit Blue Skies of Texas.  Our staff insists on rigorous compliance with CDC precautions and our residents play a key role protecting themselves and each other.  Prospective residents follow strict COVID-19 precautions to ensure everyone’s safety.  They tour our facilities, safely meet with current residents, and get a deeper understanding of what it means to join the Blue Skies family.

Coronavirus has brought out the best in our residents; they’re finding new ways to socialize, care for each other and enjoy life to the fullest.  Things are certainly brighter because of the vaccine and our residents are eager for the second dose which is coming soon.  If you visit Blue Skies or talk to a current resident, you’ll understand why Blue Skies is a very special place.


Darrell D. Jones
Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)
President and CEO
Blue Skies of Texas

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