Blue Skies of Texas COVID 19 Update #3 – March 23, 2020

As the COVID 19 situation continues to evolve, Blue Skies of Texas is committed to protect our residents and employees. Recent weeks have been eventful with many operational changes, all focused on reducing the risk of COVID 19 virus transmission within our community. As changes occur, BST will continue to notify you three different ways; posting information on the new “resident” tab of the Blue Skies of Texas website, via the in-house TV channel (1890 on Spectrum cable) and with video presentations. Weekly updates will provide valuable information related to the situation in our community and the surrounding San Antonio metropolitan area.

Blue Skies of Texas has added new tab to our website for residents and their families to keep abreast of announcements. If you go to on the internet, you will find the Blue Skies of Texas public website. At the top are a number of tabs. Click on the “Resident” tab to find the latest Coronavirus and COVID 19 updates that relate to Blue Skies

As of March 22, Bexar County has 45 confirmed COVID 19 cases, with 10 identified as community transmission. Community transmission means investigators cannot trace the source of the virus back to travel or close contact. Community spread indicates a greater risk of exposure to the general public than when only travel or close contact cases were known. The first COVID 19 death in San Antonio was reported on Saturday at Brooke Army Medical Center. This heartbreaking development reminds us of the importance of the aggressive measures being taken to reduce the spread of this virus. Blue Skies has joined others across our city, state and country in limiting access to our campus and facilities and suspension of nonessential services to include working from home for staff who are not required to be on campus to perform their duties. The objective: enhanced social distancing and reducing the spread of COVID 19.

How COVID 19 Spreads:

Social distancing is vital. COVID 19 spreads from person to person contact through respiratory droplets that are expelled from an infected person. Therefore, it is important to maintain social distancing in the event the infected person does not realize they are contagious. It is also possible the virus can be transmitted from objects or hard surfaces when an infected person touches the item and you have contact with the item afterwards. If you touch your nose, mouth or eyes after encountering an infected surface or object, you increase your risk of becoming infected with the virus. Recent directives throughout San Antonio include closing restaurants, bars, fitness centers and other businesses where large groups of people gather. These steps are important to reduce the spread of the virus. The same applies for our Blue Skies community.
In addition to social distancing, attention to hand hygiene is extremely important. Washing your hands with soap and water is preferred but, hand sanitizer can be effective if soap and water are not readily available. Cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and high touch areas is another preventative measure all should take.

COVID 19 Signs and Symptoms:

Fever, new or changed cough, shortness of breath and sore throat are signs of COVID 19 and can appear 2 to 14 days after exposure. Anyone exhibiting signs should contact their health care provider immediately. Emergency warning signs should be addressed instantly with a call to 911: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new onset of confusion and or inability to arouse and bluish lips or face. Older people and people with underlying medical conditions such as asthma, chronic lung disease, heart disease, immunocompromised people, severe obesity and diabetes, are at greater risk of severe illness.

Blue Skies of Texas Response:

This weeks Friday Flyer and Road Runner will provide an up to date listing of all operational changes affecting you, the resident. We recognize these changes are disruptive to your normal routine and everyday activities, and many occur with very little notice. We are committed to doing everything necessary to protect you and our employees during this challenging time. We appreciate your support and understanding.

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