COVID-19 FAQ’s – March 24, 2021

Coronavirus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Where can I get the most current information about Blue Skies of Texas coronavirus precautions?

A. There are four locations to get the most up-to-date information about Blue Skies of Texas’ coronavirus precautions. First, our website has been updated with a special tab entitled “Coronavirus Updates” with frequently asked questions (FAQs).   Second, residents can turn to our local cable channel 1890, part of the Spectrum basic service provided free to all residents. Third, updates are being provided via video presentations on the in-house channel; and fourth, information is regularly emailed to residents and a hard copy of the information is available at the 24/7 concierge desk located at each campus.


Q. What is the status of the COVID-19 vaccinations at Blue Skies?

A. Blue Skies of Texas completed the first round of vaccines on January 6th, 2021, and since then, have vaccinated 98% of our residents. Our Pharmacy Partnership Program team continues to return regularly to vaccinate new residents, ensuring the continued safety of our community.


Q. Can I visit family or friends at Blue Skies?

A. Under normal circumstances, visitors are always welcome at Blue Skies; however, depending on the severity of COVID-19 in the surrounding area, the campus is sometimes closed to visitors to protect our residents.  Caregivers are exempt from this rule.  To find out the most current status, you should call the 24/7 concierge desk located at each campus:

East Campus: 210-673-2761           West Campus: 210-677-8666

Access to our licensed facilities is remains tightly controlled by the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (THHS).  We have five licensed facilities at Blue Skies of Texas: Arnold House and Liberty House (assisted living), The Mission and The Vista (skilled nursing), and Freedom House (memory care). New visitation guidelines from our city and state allows scheduled visitations on several levels to our licensed facilities. Please contact the facility you would like to schedule a visit with directly for more information. 


Q. Can residents leave Blue Skies to go shopping, go to medical appointments, or visit family?

A. The CDC recommends that seniors avoid crowds and stay home as much as possible to reduce their risk of being exposed to coronavirus. While residents are free to leave at any time, we do encourage all residents to follow CDC guidelines when possible.  It is also important to follow your doctor’s recommendations on whether or not to reschedule an appointment for a later date. If the appointment is necessary, Blue Skies of Texas will help coordinate transportation to the appointment.


Q. What should a resident do after returning from a trip?

A. The CDC recommends anyone returning from travel to a known coronavirus-affected area self-quarantine. Residents should contact the Wellness Department at their campus or the 24/7 concierge desk for the requirements of self-quarantine.


Q. Can I visit Blue Skies to decide if I want to live there?

A. Yes, Blue Skies currently allows prospective residents to visit with advanced approval. We have implemented a marketing guest visitation policy that follows CDC recommendations.   Please check with your sales counselor on current requirements.


Q. Can I still move in during the pandemic?

A. Of course, new residents are always welcome!  In fact, many have moved up their arrival date during COVID because they feel safer in our community.  As new residents, you may be asked to self-quarantine upon arrival depending on where you arrive from. During that time, we will deliver meals and work with you to make your transition as smooth as possible.  Once again, please speak with your sales counselor for the most current information. 


Q. What precautions are being taken to keep people safe?

A. Blue Skies of Texas adjusts safety precautions depending on the COVID-19 threat.  In doing so, we have implemented all recommendations from the Centers for Decease Control (CDC), the Texas Department of Health and Human Services (THHS), and San Antonio Metro Health. 

All employees and residents are wearing masks, washing their hands often and maintaining social distancing as recommended.  In addition, each employee has their temperature taken and answers health risk questions each time they report to work.  Large gatherings have been curtailed and many of our fitness classes and club activity has moved on-line.  Our staff has introduced innovative ways to keep residents involved (like remote wine tasting) and outdoor activities are very popular (fitness classes, walking, biking, etc.).

Dining Services has modified the way they serve meals.  Currently all meals can be picked up from the dining room or they can be delivered.  In-house dining has been suspended and all meals are “to go.”  At one point during the pandemic, we were delivering 1,000 meals a day with multiple options for hot and cold entrees, vegetarian selections and fruit and cheese options.  In spite of COVID-19, Blue Skies residents are eating well and making the most of the situation.  Our Chefs have been getting high praise for their efforts.  

Anyone who has been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or who is experiencing symptoms is asked to self-quarantine.  Our Wellness Department closely follows these individuals to monitor their health and ensure they have everything they need (food, medications, etc.).

Our goal is to ensure our residents are safe and secure during the pandemic.  Residents continually applaud their efforts and are very appreciative.

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