COVID-19 – FAQ’s – March 25, 2020

Dear Blue Skies of Texas Residents and Families,

The coronavirus outbreak and pandemic are having an effect on Texas. Restaurants and stores are closing or modifying their delivery, worship services are using streaming video or recorded services to reach their members and senior living facilities are adjusting operations. People have a lot of questions and we are here to provide answers.

This document answers some of the most common questions we are asked. However, as we all know, the situation changes daily. Still, we are confident the attached “Frequently Asked Questions” will help you. Because no single document can answer every question, let me encourage you to stay in contact with the staff at Blue Skies of Texas and monitor suggestions and guidelines from the government.

Blue Skies of Texas is making a concerted effort to communicate with you. If you are not getting the information you need, please let us know. With your cooperation, we will weather this storm. I am confident in the ability and dedication of our staff and their desire to selflessly serve our residents.

Darrell D. Jones
Lt Gen, USAF (Ret)

Coronavirus FAQ

Q. Where can I get the most current information about Blue Skies of Texas coronavirus precautions?

A. There are three locations to get the most up-to-date information about Blue Skies of Texas precautions during the coronavirus outbreak. First, our website has been updated with a new tab entitled “Coronavirus Updates.” There you will find all of the latest information relating to Blue Skies of Texas action to combat coronavirus/COVID 19. In addition, residents can turn to our local cable channel 1890 that is part of the Spectrum basic service provided free to all residents. Updates are also being provided via email to current residents and a hard copy of this information is also available at the 24/7 concierge desk located at each campus.


Q. How long will the Coronavirus situation last?

A. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) provides the most current information addressing the coronavirus pandemic on their website at Although we do not know how long we will be under special restrictions related to the coronavirus outbreak, we must be prepared to continue these actions as long as necessary to keep our residents safe and healthy.


Q. Does Blue Skies of Texas have enough food and supplies to care for our residents?

A. Yes, Blue Skies of Texas partners with Morrison Living to provide food service. We have an ample supply of food on hand for extending feeding and we have confidence in Morrison’s supply chain for future needs.


Q. Can I visit family or friends in Independent Living?

A. Not at this time. The most recent recommendations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and new restrictions from Texas Governor Abbott restrict access. The governor declared a State of Emergency restricting all visitors except for limited exceptions, such as end-of-life visitations, after proper screenings.


Q. Can residents go to doctor, eye and dentist appointments?

A. It is important to follow your doctor’s recommendations on whether or not to reschedule an appointment for a later date. If the appointment is necessary, Blue Skies of Texas will help coordinate transportation to the appointment.


Q. Can residents leave to run errands or to visit with family?

A. The CDC recommends that seniors avoid crowds and stay home as much as possible to reduce their risk of being exposed to coronavirus. While residents are free to leave at any time, we do encourage all residents to follow CDC guidelines when possible.


Q. I prepare my parent’s medications for the week. Will I still be able to do that?

A. Yes, you can drop off a resident’s prepared medications at the front gate and our team will ensure they are delivered to the resident.


Q. Can private pay caregivers still provide care to the residents?

A. Yes, private caregivers who provide functions essential to the health and wellbeing of residents are still permitted at Blue Skies of Texas, but they are required to follow all of the same infection prevention protocols as the licensed healthcare providers at the community. To access the campus, private caregivers must be approved by our Wellness Department.


Q. Can I bring supplies and groceries to my family each week?

A. Yes, for Independent Living residents. You can drop off any groceries or supplies at the front gate and our team will ensure they are delivered to the resident. For residents in Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care, our team will ensure they have the necessary supplies on-hand.


Q. What constitutes an end-of-life situation?

A. Based on recommendations from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(CMS) and directives from Texas Governor Abbott, Blue Skies of Texas is not allowing visitors except for end-of-life situations. End-of-life is the term used to define a period of time when there is no longer any medical support that can be provided to sustain or prolong life. The Director of Nursing will identify this stage so that family members can be contacted. These situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.


Q. What should a resident do after returning from a trip?

A. The CDC recommends anyone returning from travel to a known coronavirus-affected area or anyone who have traveled on a cruise ship should self-quarantine. Residents should contact Wellness or the 24/7 concierge desk for the requirements of self-quarantine.

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