COVID 19 Update #6 – April 13, 2020

San Antonio/Bexar County reported 772 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with 30 deaths and has extended the “stay home, work safe” declaration through the end of April. This measure helps to enforce social distancing and when combined with wearing masks in public, helps slow the spread of COVID 19. Please remember, face masks are an additive measure and not intended to negate the need to continue social distancing. Non-essential travel outside of BST (except for medical or food) is strongly discouraged and is in violation of directives related to “stay home, work safe”. Non-essential travel may result in a 14-day quarantine.

At this time, no one at BST (resident or employee) has been tested positive for COVID 19.

All Blue Skies staff members are required to wear masks when at work and residents are encouraged to do the same. Residents living in one of our licensed facilities (Arnold house, Liberty house, the Vista, the Mission, and Freedom House) are now required to wear masks and all new admissions are placed on 14-day isolation precautions. As a reminder, non-healthcare staff and residents are encouraged to wear cloth or home-made masks and refrain from wearing medical grade masks. It is vital that medical-grade masks, including surgical and N95 respirators, are reserved for healthcare workers currently facing a dire shortage of protective equipment. Remember, when wearing a mask, there are a few guidelines you need to follow: you should continue to maintain social distancing and good hand hygiene. You should wash your hands before applying the mask and always wash your hands if you handle or adjust your mask. Masks should be changed out if they become soiled or wet and care should be taken when removing your mask, avoiding coming in contact with the outer layer, folding the outer layer of the mask into itself and placing in a baggie if you plan on wearing it again or placing it in the laundry. Never wear a mask if you find it difficult to breathe while having it on.

Masks are available at the 24/7 concierge desk for residents who do not have a mask.

Outpatient therapy services determined to be essential will be provided in a safe manner with a focus on infection control. All IL residents will be screened prior to each therapy session. Therapist and resident will wear face masks and the therapy department will work in coordination with Environmental Services to ensure all equipment is disinfected after each use.

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