COVID 19 Update #10 – May 11, 2020

San Antonio/Bexar County reported 1,901 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with 56 deaths as of May 10. The San Antonio Stay Home, Work Safe proclamation continues through May 19 and with businesses re-opening, Blue Skies reminds employees and residents travel outside of their home should be restricted to essential needs or when traveling to visit re-opened businesses and activities as allowed. Reminder: when traveling outside of your home, remain vigilant regarding preventative measures: maintain social distancing, wear a mask in public, wash hands often and take quick action should you experience any signs or symptoms of COVID 19.

Several services will resume across Blue Skies campuses, modified in a manner to protect both residents and employees. We ask everyone to follow guidelines posted as services are slowly brought back across both campuses.

While Texas is “re-opening” and Blue Skies starts to resume activities, all licensed health care facilities (The Mission, The Vista, Arnold House, Liberty House and Freedom House) remain closed to visitors. Our licensed health care facilities fall under state and federal authority, restricting visitors until further notice.  Across the Nation, more than twenty percent of all long-term care providers are reporting COVID 19 infections within their facilities, both residents and staff alike. To date, Blue Skies remains free from COVID 19. Since the start of the pandemic, we have tested 19 individuals with 17 negatives for COVID 19 and 2 tests pending. As soon as there is a suspicion of respiratory illness, individuals are placed on quarantine and tests are arranged. As employees and residents begin to venture outside of their homes, the likelihood of encountering a person who is positive for COVID 19 increases, especially when people may be infected and not exhibit signs or symptoms. This combination increases your chance of contracting the virus. It is the reason why we must all remain focused on preventive measures: wear a mask, wash your hands and stand back.

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