Ask Our Team: 5 Helpful FAQs About Making the Move to Blue Skies of Texas

Whether you’ve just started thinking about making the move of a lifetime or you are already deep into downsizing, we’re here to help! At Blue Skies of Texas, there is an entire team of experts here to make sure that your move to our uplifting and energetic community is as easy as possible.

We recently worked with Blue Skies of Texas’ Relocation Liaison, Logan Cook, as well as our very own information guru, Sarah Manzke, to share some helpful answers to a few of the most common questions we receive.

Keep reading for valuable advice from Logan and Sarah, and for some bigger-picture advice about how we make moving to Blue Skies of Texas seamless. And remember, for questions pertaining to your unique situation, always feel free to contact us.

1. How soon should I begin downsizing?

Logan and Sarah receive this question a lot! Of course, it’s always good to get a head start by getting rid of items you’re sure that you won’t want or need in your new home, but Logan advised not to say goodbye to too much too soon.

Knowing the exact residence and floor plan you’ll have is crucial to when—and how much—you downsize. Our team can use the specific floorplan you’ve chosen to help you plan a perfect fit for the furniture you want to bring with you to your new home.

“I recommend starting to downsize once the reservation of your new home is complete,” Logan said. “This is because once you finalize your contract and specific residence, you will know the exact square footage of your new home and how much space you have.”

As it relates to your current house, Logan noted that it’s a personal preference whether to sell it before moving to a community like Blue Skies of Texas. With several factors in play including the real estate market, it’s wise to connect with your financial advisor first.

Additionally, Sarah added that Blue Skies of Texas’ typical timeline from reservation to move-in is usually a couple of months.

“Be sure to start thinking about your downsizing plans in advance, but rest assured that you won’t need to scramble,” Sarah said.

2. When can I elect to make certain customizations to my new home?

During the time between reservation and move-in is when we make sure that every residence is refreshed and up to date—and customized to your liking.

“Before you move in, we take that time to incorporate any custom choices you make for your new home such as paint, flooring, cabinets, countertops and more,” Sarah said.

“We aim to modernize every residence before the new individual or couple moves in,” Logan added. “Our experienced team of contractors works to ensure that those customizations are complete by the time you arrive.”

Plus, even if you decide to customize your home after moving in, that’s okay, too.

“For customizations after arrival, I’ll get in touch with our projects team, and they will coordinate with a contractor to fulfill the request. We have a great small group of contractors whom we use and trust. They are all around campus helping a lot, and they know many of the residents by name,” Logan shared.

Customizing your new home is one of the most fun parts of the whole process, and with Logan and Sarah at the ready, you’re in good hands for making it exactly how you like!

3. Am I allowed to see my new home before moving in so I can make sure my furniture fits?

“Yes!” Logan said. “If construction is complete and the home is ready, then we schedule a time where I can give them the keys to go see for themselves or we all go look together.”

Fortunately, even if you’re coming to Blue Skies of Texas from out of town or out of state, you can still see your new home and get key details about it via video chat.

Logan and Sarah said that they are happy to walk through a new home using a video call.

“We can provide a preview of the space and capture key measurements and details like where electric and cable outlets are located,” Logan said.

“Any way that I can help, I will do it,” she continued. “Video chatting has helped many people get a better picture of their future home, even from far away.”

4. What kind of help will I get from Blue Skies of Texas when moving day arrives?

Perhaps the most exciting day of the entire process is moving day! And when that day comes, Logan, Sarah and the rest of the Blue Skies of Texas team are all here to help you.

“We want to make sure you can enjoy the thrill of moving to a friendly, activity-rich community, without having to deal with the headaches of moving,” Sarah said.

“Each new member of our community receives 24 man-hours of moving assistance as complimentary. I am also in contact with the new resident and the moving crew, so everyone knows where to go and park,” Logan added.

Logan will also be there with you on the big day to make sure you have everything you need and that your residence is as you expect.

“I usually walk through the new home in the days leading up to the move to make sure everything is as it should be,” she said. “And in the rare case that something needs attention, I am in contact with our team right away for anything needing to be fixed.”

Finally, once you’re unloaded and unpacked, our environmental services team will be there to collect and dispose of any moving boxes when you’re done. Talk about full service!

5. What else, and what’s next?

Logan and Sarah shared that their team also gets a lot of questions related to getting settled in and daily life at Blue Skies of Texas, so here are a few more quick-hit answers:

  • Pets: “We are pet-friendly. Pets must have their current vaccinations, and the owner needs to cover a pet deposit. Cats are welcome anywhere on campus; dogs are allowed in our standalone homes and cottages.” – Logan
  • EVs and electricity: “We now have an EV [electric vehicle] charging station on East Campus, and will soon have one on West Campus. All cottage and standalone homes allow for direct EV hookups. As for electricity in the residences, it’s turned on when new residents arrive and the Relocation Liaison handles transferring the account to the resident’s name.” – Sarah
  • Cable TV: “Blue Skies provides a basic cable package from Spectrum for free that includes our in-house broadcast channel. We recommend that package, but residents are able to choose any other provider they like.” – Logan

So, what’s next? Dream big: You’re settled into your new, customized residence at Blue Skies of Texas, everything fits perfectly and you’re ready to take on all of the adventures here at your disposal. Before long, and with the help we provide, that dream can easily become reality!

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