There’s Only One Apartment #305, and There’s Only One Blue Skies of Texas Lifestyle. Here’s Your Chance to Secure Both.

Blue Skies of Texas is a special place in San Antonio where enthusiastic people from all walks of life are empowered to take their retirement lifestyles to new heights. Fast friendships form, new adventures abound and every neighbor brings something different to the fun. There’s really only one place like it, and there’s a perfect time for you to join us: right now!

We have a limited selection of move-in-ready homes that come standard with guaranteed peace of mind for the future and an everyday lifestyle that’s simply unparalleled. And just wait until you see the special incentives we’re offering this spring!

The first move-in-ready residence that we’re so excited to highlight is our “Home Sweet B” apartment #305 located on our East Campus. This sweet and stylish abode is made even sweeter by our current incentives, which give you the unmissable opportunity to secure it for yourself for an entrance fee of less than $10,000!

We invite you to picture what you gain by choosing “Home Sweet B.” Just like you, it’s the only one of its kind.

In this cozy home, you’ll enjoy just the right amount of southern exposure thanks to the spacious balcony, perfect for sharing your favorite drink recipe with friends. Plus, it’s on the third floor so you’ll enjoy virtually boundless views of the big Texas sky from above the rooftops. Sound good? Wait until you get a look at the inside.

“Home Sweet B” offers all of the contemporary upgrades you’d expect from a fully renovated residence, and the best part is that we’ve already done the hard work and footed the bill. The fully appointed kitchen perfectly blends style and function thanks to its on-trend backsplash, stainless steel appliances and farmer’s sink that could have been spec’d by Joanna Gaines herself.

Elsewhere, fresh paint exudes “welcome to this exciting step in life”—feelings; and we made sure to include wide-plank premium vinyl flooring as well as an oversized walk-in shower for the touches of luxury that you deserve.

Act soon. This offer is truly ‘1 of 1’

Perhaps unbelievably, all those comforts and benefits can be yours for a price that you’d sooner associate with a car than with a new house. This is because if you close on “Home Sweet B” by May 31, your one-time entrance fee is just $14,900.

And that doesn’t even factor in all the tax benefits or the priceless, permanent assurance of a Life Plan Community that secures the future of both your health and your finances. Talk about a shrewd investment!

Fortunately, we are ready more than ever to welcome new neighbors to the Blue Skies experience. While we expect it to sell long before these options come into play (there’s only one like it, after all), here are the full details on the valuable offers on our “Home Sweet B:”

  • Reduce entrance fee by $10,000 (from $24,900 to $14,900) if paid by May 31
  • Reduce entrance fee by $5,000 (from $24,900 to $19,900) if paid by June 30

Regardless of the numbers, you have to act fast. With today’s red-hot real estate market, your peers are unlocking the highest-ever equity in their homes and choosing to make proactive moves to communities like Blue Skies of Texas.

Call us now at 210-962-5641 so we can arrange a personalized, private tour to show you how you can make “Home Sweet B” your very own stylish retreat.

You may be asking: Why are we doing this now? The housing market is at an all-time high and will likely peak over the next 3-4 months. Selling your house now to move to Blue Skies during this sellers’ market will maximize your home profits. Combined with our special offer, moving may never be more affordable!

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