What Makes Our Skies So Blue? Staff Members Like Logan Cook

Logan Cook Move In Coordinator

When anyone asks what makes Blue Skies of Texas such a special place to live, one immediately thinks of the residents. After all, they’re what the community is about, right? Well, yes and no. Before a prospective new resident even decides to make Blue Skies his or her home, he or she will get to know Move-in Coordinator/Relocation Liaison Logan Cook. And for those who remember what it was like to have a neighborhood Welcome Wagon, Logan has taken that concept to new heights.

A native Texan, Logan, who started her career at Blue Skies three years ago in the beauty salon, sees it as her mission to do everything she can to make sure every new resident not only feels welcome but also is made to feel part of the family. “As soon as marketing receives all the final approvals on the sale of a home, the new resident’s profile comes to me,” Logan says. “I coordinate with each new resident to try and make the move as seamless as possible. We take pictures and FaceTime, and keep them up to date as to the status of renovations and when their homes will be ready for move-in.”

But that’s just the start of Logan’s job. As she explains it, she does everything she can to be there for new residents every step of the way. “If they let me know their moving company,” she says, “I coordinate directly with the movers to ensure the safe delivery of their possessions so come the day of the move, the new resident is relaxed, not frazzled. If they don’t have a moving company, I offer suggestions based on movers I work with regularly. I also let the entire campus know we have a new resident moving in, so they’ll feel very welcomed.”

To ensure the moving experience is as stress-free as possible, Blue Skies of Texas offers guest rooms on moving day. “I book the guest rooms for new residents,” Logan states, “and make sure they use them. I want them relaxed and not opening boxes all day and night. I ensure they’ve eaten, too, because moving day is a big one and I don’t want them to be exhausted.”

Logan looks at the employees and residents of Blue Skies of Texas as one big family. And when a new family member arrives, she sees it as her responsibility to make sure that person feels welcomed as such. “We have a sponsorship program at Blue Skies,” Logan smiles. “I collect some personal information so we can connect the new resident with other residents they have something in common with. So, right from the start they have a connection with another resident, not just employees like me.”

There’s no question that Logan loves doing her job and interacting with new residents of Blue Skies. Because of that, she does everything she can to make move-in day as special as possible. “I present them with a blue folder that says ‘Welcome Home.’ This is most residents’ last move after retirement, so I try to make it as special as I can.” But of all the things Logan does on behalf of new residents, there’s one thing in particular that seems to bring her enormous satisfaction. “I am the lucky person who gets to give them the keys to their new home. That’s my favorite part.”

Once the movers have left and a new resident is happily ensconced, is there anything Blue Skies does to help that person get settled? “Absolutely,” Logan smiles. “Every new resident receives 24 man hours of ‘settling in’ service. If they need pictures or TVs hung, boxes unpacked, dishes put away or individual rugs moved, I’ll arrange for our team to go in and assist them. If they don’t need the help immediately, they’ve got 30 days to use the service. But most new residents are fully settled within 30 days.”

For most people, that would be the end of the job. But Logan Cook is not most people. “Once a new resident is in and settled,” she explains, “I’m still their point of contact for punch list items in their new homes. If they need help changing a driver’s license, I can tell them the location to go to. If they have a question I don’t have an answer to, I’ll find out. Many of our residents have to downsize their lives when they move here. They may be going from a 3,000 square foot house to 1,500 square feet. That can be very stressful. So, if there’s anything I can do to make it easier for them, I do it.” With all she does, it almost sounds like Logan takes it all on herself. But Logan is quick to point out she’s far from alone. “We have a great staff here. Everyone is a team member. Between marketing, capital projects, every department here, we all work together. We’re a huge family. And each one of us considers our residents family, too. Every day I come to work with a smile on my face because I couldn’t have a better job.”

Continuing on the family theme, Logan talks about her interaction with residents after they’re settled in and become a regular part of the community. “I’ll stop by and visit them, or say ‘hi’ while walking the halls, or sometimes they’ll just stop by to say hello to me. If I don’t see them daily, I’m at least seeing them weekly.” Logan laughs at the thought but says what is readily apparent. “It’s not the end of me when they’re moved in. They get me forever.”

With all the responsibility her job entails, not to mention her penchant for going above and beyond, the simple question is why. What makes Logan’s approach to her job, and the “family” she works with and for, so special and unique? Logan’s answer is simple and says it all. “I just love my residents.”

If you’d like to see for yourself what makes Blue Skies of Texas the unique and special community it is, call 866-553-5389 to schedule your personal tour.