It’s no secret that members of Blue Skies of Texas bring with them rich experiences from all walks of life. In turn, those experiences amplify the distinct culture and bright spirit of this trusted Life Plan Community in San Antonio.

Perhaps no better examples of this exist than current Blue Skies residents Ahia Shabaaz, Ph.D., and Warren Moore, Ph.D. This dynamic husband-and-wife duo has made it their life’s work to better communities through activism, volunteerism and a steadfast resolve. Since moving here in 2013, they have channeled that passion into wonderful things on and around our south Texas setting.

Get to know these two, learn what brought them to Blue Skies and find out how they continue to make their mark—and make a difference—everywhere they go.

Blue Skies of Texas has a lot to offer to every member of the community: a wide array of stellar amenities, a wealth of engaging activities and the opportunity to live with other vibrant, like-minded individuals and couples. Amid the various opportunities to thrive at Blue Skies, there is a common value interwoven everywhere: choice.

This philosophy of choice applies just as much to our homes themselves. With spacious and customizable residences, we provide all the tools to make your home base uniquely yours.

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