Ready to change things up for the better? These are the greatest, most freeing years of your life. You should be in a place that enriches your life every day, with equally active seniors you can really get along with.

Here are just three of the many reasons why seniors across the Lone Star State and the country are choosing Blue Skies of Texas, San Antonio’s premier Life Plan Community.

Whether you’ve just started thinking about making the move of a lifetime or you are already deep into downsizing, we’re here to help! At Blue Skies of Texas, there is an entire team of experts here to make sure that your move to our uplifting and energetic community is as easy as possible.

We recently worked with Blue Skies of Texas’ Relocation Liaison, Logan Cook, as well as our very own information guru, Sarah Manzke, to share some helpful answers to a few of the most common questions we receive.

Updated February 22nd @4:30pm As the Texas sun regains its strength here in San Antonio, bringing with it our normal, mild winter days, we are still seeing the effects of last week’s cold snap across our campuses.  The steady, frigid temperatures damaged our systems in a...

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