The summer of 2020 may have ushered in some unexpected twists, but one thing is for sure: the resilient residents of Blue Skies of Texas haven’t skipped a beat! The people who live in our community are some of the friendliest and most engaging people you’ll ever connect with. And with so much going on in the world, it is encouraging to see so much safety, security and “togetherness” amidst neighbors.

To highlight the unique bonds and all the fun that can be felt in our community, we took a quick tour through Blue Skies of Texas’ Facebook page where you can find real-time updates about life here at Blue Skies—these posts are sure to make you smile! With such a vibrant community, there is always a lot happening at Blue Skies of Texas. And if you’re interested in learning more about Blue Skies of Texas, give us a call at 866-553-5389 or click here to request a free information kit.

Wellness at Blue Skies of Texas

If you have been researching active senior living communities, you have probably heard the word “wellness” more times than you can count. But what does this word truly mean? While different communities have their own approaches to wellness, at Blue Skies of Texas we make sure that wellness isn’t just a buzzword. For us, it is a lifestyle–a lifestyle that can be made both accessible and fun through amenities, services, and a dedicated staff.

Blue Skies of Texas

Blue Skies of Texas is a Life Plan Community in San Antonio, Texas, that offers incredible value to its residents. From the stellar amenities to the vibrant people who live here, Blue Skies of Texas has established itself as a community favorite. But what sets Blue Skies of Texas apart from the competition? Why is it so popular with residents and their families?

Let’s explore together!

Blue Skies of Texas (BST) COVID 19 Update June 20, 2020 #15 San Antonio/Bexar County reported 5,962 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with 96 deaths as of June 20. Numbers in San Antonio and surrounding Bexar County are rising quickly as the San Antonio Stay Home, Work Safe proclamation...

Blue Skies of Texas (BST) COVID 19 Update June 8, 2020 #14 San Antonio/Bexar County reported 3290 confirmed cases of COVID 19 with 78 deaths as of May 31. The San Antonio Stay Home, Work Safe proclamation has been lifted and visitors are allowed on campus with the following...

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