Arguably the Best Value
in the Country

Is Blue Skies of Texas
a Good Financial Fit for You?

If you’re considering making the move to a Life Plan Community, you may have some questions about the costs involved. We’re here to provide you with all the information you need to understand monthly fees, contract types, and coverage for a continuum of care.

Money Gauge

Seniors who choose a Life Plan Community before they need a higher level of care experience the greatest financial benefits. Assess your situation with our Money Gauge Calculator, using the link below:

Compare Your Living Costs with Blues Skies of Texas

Take a few minutes to compute what it actually costs you to live in your home, apartment, or condominium, and compare your present costs to Blue Skies of Texas (BST), using the worksheet below:

Tax Benefits

A portion of your entrance fee and monthly services fees are tax-deductible. This is an important benefit to discuss with your tax advisor.

Regarding Contracts

We know that one plan does not fit all. We offer many different contract types to suit various circumstances. This includes 50% and 90% refundable estate preservation options as well as Life Care contracts that provide the greatest discount on future health care needs. We also offer the standard entrance fee contract and limited rental options.

Discounted & Guaranteed
Access to Healthcare

Experience peace of mind and a sense of certainty regarding your future healthcare needs. Blue Skies offers a full continuum of care right on both campuses, with most contract options ensuring discounted and guaranteed access to a robust, high-quality health system should you ever need it.