We Bring Peace
of Mind

Services & Amenities

We work hard to anticipate your every need! Want to take a trip? We’ll water the plants, cut the grass, and clean the house before you get back. Need groceries or dinner? We provide transportation and delivery services. Have friends or family arriving? We have guestservices. We bring peace of mind, because you no longer have the distraction of worrying about domestic responsibilities.

We go well beyond the basics of regular household services and conveniences. At Blue Skies of Texas, we offer resources for a wide variety of interests and rewarding activities.

Serving You

  • Electric & water utilities
  • Grounds maintenance
  • Regular extermination service
  • Gated community
  • Fire detection systems
  • 24-hour urgent response system
  • Building insurance
  • Trash/recycling collection
  • No property taxes
  • HD Basic Plus cable television (157+ channels)
  • 24-hour in-house information TV channel, including music and movies