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A Smooth Landing: Planning Your Big Move to Blue Skies of Texas


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The more you learn about Blue Skies of Texas, the more you’ll want to make your home at San Antonio’s premier retirement community. Of course, before you can start enjoying an active, maintenance-free life in San Antonio, you’ll need to work out the particulars of your big move. And that can cause more than your share of stress and anxiety.

The good news is that moving doesn’t have to be such a daunting prospect. At Blue Skies, every member of our team is committed to making your journey simple, stress-free and even fun. To get the ball rolling, here are the answers to some of the move-in questions we hear most often.

How and when should we begin planning for our move?

The first step in planning your move to Blue Skies is to reach out to our marketing counselors. They’ll help you understand how our Life Plan Community works and start you down the road to retirement living that’s gracious and rewarding.

Once you’ve chosen your perfect home style, floor plan and contract, your marketing counselor will connect you with our Blue Skies Relocation Specialist. That person will be your main point of contact for everything from recommending a moving company to connecting the Wi-Fi in your new home. Plus, your Relocation Specialist can refer you to independent senior moving professionals if you need in-depth advice about things like estate sales and document management.

When can we start customizing our new home?

After you select your floor plan and set your move-in date, our Capital Projects team will jump into action to make sure your new home is fully modernized and tailored to your liking. In fact, many folks find that customizing their home is the best part of the entire moving process.

For starters, you can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors for flooring, cabinetry, granite, paint, tile, backsplash and more. Insider tip: Cabinets and bathroom tiles are important considerations that can create a more personalized look and feel. If you need some inspiration, we can refer you to one of our trusted interior designers who knows our floor plans inside and out.

But what if you decide to remove a few cabinets or change the tiles in your shower stall after you move in? No worries. Our Capital Projects team will coordinate with one of our trusted contractors to fulfill your request. Many of these contractors regularly help out around campus and even know our residents by name.

We’re moving from far away. How can we see how our new home is shaping up?

Technology to the rescue! If you’re moving to Blue Skies from out of town or out of state, you can take a virtual “tour” using FaceTime or video chat. Your Relocation Specialist can also give you key measurements, along with details like the location of electric and cable outlets.

What services might we need as moving day approaches?

Making your move is a bit more involved than simply packing up your car and driving to your new Blue Skies home. You may find that you need a little help with things like organizing and downsizing, as well as move planning and coordination.

Senior couple carrying moving boxes into new houseFortunately, the Blue Skies team has your back. We’ll provide you with a list of moving companies and senior moving services with a proven record of reliability and expertise, so you won’t have to start from scratch. Pro tip: Have your moving company take care of packing and unpacking so you can cross this chore off your to-do list.

Additionally, Blue Skies hosts many in-person educational programs and virtual webinars packed with advice about downsizing, decluttering and selling your home.

Our house sold a little too quickly. What do we do now?

Relax! We’ve welcomed many residents to Blue Skies earlier than they planned. If your new home is ready, just come on down and start enjoying its comfort and beauty while getting to know your new neighbors.

But what if our team is still putting the finishing touches on your new home’s renovations? Again, not a problem. Our relocation specialists and resident services team will find the perfect temporary apartment for you so you can jump right into your active, carefree lifestyle.

Move-in day is almost here! What can we expect?

We want to make sure you enjoy the thrill of moving to a friendly senior living community without all the headaches. Right from the start, your Relocation Specialist will organize all the details—big and small—so you don’t have to worry about endless phone calls or emails.

Once the big day arrives, your Relocation Specialist will connect with your chosen moving crew, so everyone knows where to go and park. They’ll also be there to make sure you have everything you need and that your new home is all you expected it to be.

I still have some questions. Where can I go for answers?

Glad you asked. We’ll be hosting two open house events just prior to the kickoff of Fiesta San Antonio on April 15 at the East Campus and on April 16 at the West Campus. You’ll have the chance to tour the homes of some of the friendliest, most engaging people you’ll ever want to meet. Our marketing counselors will also be on hand to answer any questions.

And while you’re here, be sure to take part in our on-campus Fiesta celebration, including scrumptious food and drinks, folklórico dancers and other delightful surprises.

The next move is yours

Whether you’ve just started thinking about downsizing or are ready to make your move to greater freedom, fulfillment, and security, we’re here to help! To schedule a tour and preview the home that will set the stage for your next chapter of life, simply click here or call 866-553-5389.