A Thank-You Note From Blue Skies Residents


A Thank-You Note From Blue Skies Residents

Many members of the Blue Skies community have shared their appreciation for living at a Life Plan Community during this tough time, and we recently received this letter from Jim and Dottie C.

“To our Blue Skies workers and staff:

Thank you to each and every one of our Blue Skies workers who have helped us through this past year. We have seen everything from managers hand-delivering food on Sundays to housekeepers and dining staff leaving their families to come in extra hours when our staff was stretched thin with virus absences.

Our thanks also to all of those workers who took special care to keep their masks on when dealing with us, and patiently submitted to having their temperatures taken each morning before reporting to work.

All staff that we encountered were unfailingly helpful and cheerful throughout this whole situation, took on jobs they hadn’t signed up for, and offered to go above and beyond in their efforts.

We know there are many, many unsung heroes, often because we can’t see them. People like the staff at our three care facilities of Freedom House, Vista, and Liberty House; dining staff who work in the back; people who keep the machinery working when we need it most, and fix it as quickly as possible when it crumps; the staff at Wellness who keep our spirits up and support us when things get really bad; the number crunchers in Finance who make sure our money is well cared for; the computer gurus who keep our information systems running; our wonderful Front Desk workers who are always there for us even all night long; and we know there are more.

You made it possible for all of us to make it together through “this long, dark night” of the pandemic, and we will always be grateful to you.

With love and appreciation in our hearts, Jim and Dottie Conner”

For more information about Blue Skies of Texas, click here or call 866-553-5389.