At Blue Skies of Texas, We’re as Safe as Can Be – And Still Having Fun!

Our community has a unique spirit, and it’s something that you can feel once you set foot on our campus. Perhaps it has to do with the unparalleled sense of camaraderie that members of our community share, or perhaps it’s just thanks to how much we all like to have fun!

At Blue Skies of Texas, the fun clearly hasn’t stopped. You can tell by taking a quick glance at our Facebook page that seniors from all walks of life have found a new sense of belonging and community here at Blue Skies of Texas.

And as the premier retirement community in San Antonio, we take pride in putting the health and wellness of all those who live here first. Here are a few examples of how we’re seamlessly blending safety and activity.


Whether you love the thrill of victory or you’re more in it for the social enjoyment, there’s always a game to be played at Blue Skies of Texas. For example, this group of guys loves to call their shots—from a distance and behind their masks—in our billiards zone. And for the serious players, we even have a dedicated “tournament table” where competition is always on cue.


Keep strolling around our beautiful campus and you may also stumble upon a friendly, but intense bocce match. This diverse group has a standing game of bocce on the schedule each week, and it’s a can’t-miss affair. Plus, thanks to the temperate climate here in San Antonio, they can safely play outside and keep their game rolling year-round!


One of the reasons that we are so glad to keep members of the Blue Skies of Texas community active and engaged—especially these days—is the importance of social connection for seniors. The benefits of regular activities and socially distanced gatherings are enhanced even further when those activities target a particular dimension of wellness.

Physical wellness may come to mind first, and for good reason. Here, members of our community stay strong, fit and confident with activities like this professionally instructed “total body conditioning” class. Music bumps through the gazebo, and participants are able to customize each part of the workout to their desired level and abilities. With fresh outdoor air, a team mentality and safe distancing in place, who needs indoor gyms anyway?

Your creative energy can also take flight at Blue Skies of Texas, as this helps to maintain your intellectual and cognitive wellness. Recently, members of our community have had the chance to unleash their creativity as we rang in the holiday season with tree trimming and clever repurposing of pumpkins. Paint, garland, friends and masks are apparently all you need to have a great and safe time making art.


If the photos and stories here are any indication, there’s still plenty of fun to be had at Blue Skies of Texas. The very best part of all may be that our community of energetic, resilient older adults like you has taken everything in stride and done their part to keep themselves and those around them safe.

We’re proud of what we have going here, and we would love for you to come see it all firsthand. Click here or call 866-553-5389 today for a private, personalized visit!

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