Blue Skies of Texas Marches Toward Conquering COVID-19 With Strong Vaccine Rollout

Over the past several weeks, Blue Skies of Texas in San Antonio has administered hundreds of doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, with more on the way. More than 97 percent of independent living residents here have already received their first doses, and nearly all residents of our higher levels of care have completed both rounds of vaccination. For our tight-knit community, the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel keeps getting brighter.

“COVID-19 vaccines are essential in our continued fight to protect our residents and staff from this horrific virus,” said Alethea “Ally” Knight, RN, BSN, MBA and Blue Skies of Texas’ Chief Health Services Officer. “The leadership at Blue Skies realizes how imperative the vaccines are to the safety of not only our community but to the San Antonio and Bexar County region as well. The dedication and determination of our healthcare and operations teams was evidenced by their astonishing dedication to understanding and ensuring that we received the allocated vaccines in a timely manner.”

As Ally mentioned, we worked intently and swiftly toward receiving and administering our first allocation of vaccine doses in late December, soon after the Pfizer vaccine received emergency use authorization from the Food and Drug Administration. Our initial allotment of vaccines went to residents living within our higher levels of care (assisted living, skilled nursing and memory care). With nearly all of our residents in higher levels of care now completely vaccinated, our attention turned to distributing the vaccine to our staff and independent living residents.


We concluded our first round of vaccinations for independent living residents on January 6. During that first round, a total of 725 independent living residents received the first dose, which yielded a 91.19 percent vaccination rate (725 out of 795 people).

Independent living residents who got their first dose during the first round received their second booster dose on January 26 and 27, at which point those individuals were completely vaccinated.

For the small portion of independent living residents (70 people) who did not receive their first dose of the vaccine during the first round, nearly all of those individuals received their first dose during this recent two-day vaccination clinic—bringing our rate of independent living residents who have received at least one dose to over 97 percent.

Our pharmacy and vaccine administration partner, Walgreens, will also return to the Blue Skies of Texas campus in February to complete the vaccinations for the residents and staff who got their first shots in late January. At that point, we’ll confidently be able to say that nearly 100 percent of residents here are sufficiently protected from COVID-19.

We’re proud and excited that our teams worked so hard to roll out this critical vaccine so rapidly, and that members of our community took the vaccine at such high rates. They’re also excited to be firmly on the path back to “normal!”


Our vaccination rollout was a monumental step toward stopping the spread and effects of COVID-19 within our community, and we received countless testimonials from members of our community on what getting the vaccine meant to them. Residents shared their appreciation for how living here at Blue Skies of Texas put them on the fast track to getting the vaccine, as well as their satisfaction with the process.

Check out a sampling of their quotes and see photos from our vaccine rollout efforts below!

“I am so very thankful I live at Blue Skies, but particularly this entire last 300+ days as we have all faced the coronavirus together. Our management team has done an incredible job to pursue getting our vaccines set up and a reality. The process was so well-organized and thought out with Walgreens. And now we can see daylight in our future!”

– Barbara W.

“There had obviously been a lot preparation and planning done by the Blue Skies staff on how the administration of the vaccine would work. I felt perfectly safe. The whole process went smoothly.”

– Jan S.

“Very thankful we didn’t have to work to find out where to get the vaccine and spend hours signing up. We didn’t have to line up and stand in the cold. It went very quickly and professionally. It is worth its weight in gold to be at Blue Skies to have the procedure handled for us.”

–  Jan O.

“As residents of Blue Skies for more than four years, we feel privileged to be among the first of San Antonio’s citizens to receive the vaccination. The vaccination experience was superbly organized, well executed and all social distancing guidelines were observed during the process. Well done Blue Skies!”

– Rob and Gerlinde L.

“Blue Skies came through once again as the retirement place to be.  The first COVID-19 vaccination shot process proved that, from planning and preparation to flawless execution by the ever-efficient staff and volunteers.  Thank you so much.”

–  Travis S.

“My husband Dale and I are very pleased with the process that Blue Skies initiated for the distribution here. We had absolutely NO reaction, not even a sore arm! Yes, we gave up a few hours of our positively defunct social life due to the virus, but at least many of our friends who we saw at the vaccination center were happy to see us and say ‘hello’ in person. We only have positive kudos for all those involved in giving us beautiful and precious hopes for a brighter future.”

– Dale and Veronica C.

“When we were told we would get the vaccine on January 4, we felt fortunate to be living at Blue Skies.  When we see long lines of seniors waiting for the vaccine on TV, we are thankful for the staff who arranged such an efficient, safe and organized distribution. When we reflect on how well we have been so cared for during this pandemic, we feel blessed that we made the decision to move here.”

– Bonnie and Rich G.

“While I’d rather have had a shot of tequila, there was great comfort knowing I took step one in aggressively eliminating the COVID-19 threat!”

—Tom K.


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