Camaraderie at Blue Skies of Texas: It Means We’re Here for You Through Thick and Thin

There’s nothing quite like the power of community spirit. At Blue Skies of Texas in San Antonio, you will find that our rich community spirit is what makes this place so welcoming to older adults from all backgrounds—and it’s what gives us the resilience to overcome any challenge that comes our way.

Of course, this year has been full of challenges, but our community’s strength and the attitude of camaraderie that resonates throughout our neighborhoods have helped us tackle 2020 head-on. As we reflect on this year and look ahead to a brighter future, one thing will always remain: We’re here for each other, and here for you through it all.


Members of our community, whether they share a background of military service or not, have taken special care to stay connected. They’ve masked up, kept a safe distance and washed (and sanitized) their hands, all while continuing to craft special bonds with their neighbors and friends.

For example, you can see on our Facebook page how people here have enjoyed various activities safely and in ways that echo the service-focused attitude that goes along with the sense of camaraderie found here:


We’ve also recently celebrated the 50th anniversary of a pivotal moment from our history as Air Force Village, when in 1970 the first fourteen residents moved into this community and thus began our tradition of “taking care of our own.” Our mission is to provide a haven for every resident regardless of their background, should they ever need support, whether financial or physical.

Our not-for-profit status combined with the heritage of service at Blue Skies of Texas also simply draw people here who really care about supporting and uplifting others. And since 1970, members of our community have been here for each other, and they remain here for each other now.


Everyone is seeking a secure future, especially these days, and Blue Skies of Texas confidently provides long-term security to everyone. In addition to how we have worked to keep everyone healthy and safe as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic, all members of our community have the opportunity to enjoy all the reassuring benefits that come with living at a Life Plan Community, which you won’t find at a 55+ community in San Antonio.

Unlike some other retirement options in the San Antonio region, our trusted on-campus system of healthcare services is here for you no matter if or when your needs change in the future. As a Life Plan Community, we are proud to offer top-rated services to support a multitude of needs, such as:

In addition, exceptional medical services in San Antonio are also available to our residents, creating a network of access to nearly every specialty and subspecialty imaginable. In short, if you live at Blue Skies of Texas, you have peace of mind through thick and thin.

Many members of our community are also pleased to find that considering all that’s included, from the aforementioned healthcare spectrum to a resort-like independent lifestyle, choosing Blue Skies of Texas is an unbeatable value. We would love to welcome you for a private, personalized appointment so you can experience firsthand the camaraderie and community spirit that make our community so welcoming, resilient and energetic. Simply click here or call 866-553-5389 today to get in touch!