Do I Need a Military Background to Join Blue Skies of Texas?

Blue Skies of Texas is a Life Plan Community located in San Antonio, Texas, known for its active residents and stellar amenities. However, because of Blue Skies of Texas’ connection to the United States military, there is a common misconception that the community is made primarily for people with military backgrounds. But that is not true! Blue Skies of Texas is open to all people from all backgrounds. To help dispel this myth, Darrell Jones, the CEO of Blue Skies of Texas, took some time to discuss what life at Blue Skies really means.

Opening our arms

Before 2014, Blue Skies of Texas was known as “Air Force Village” and was designed as a home for Air Force officers. Darrell shared, “As senior living began to proliferate around the country and people had more and more options, people realized the real benefits of senior living, so communities like ours became much more popular. To broaden the pool of people who could come enjoy our community, we decided to open our doors to all people, whether or not they were affiliated with the military.”

A new name also came with this change. “We changed the name from Air Force Village to Blue Skies of Texas,” Darrell explained. “We didn’t want to limit ourselves in who we could serve.” Since opening its doors, Blue Skies of Texas has become home to a diverse range of active seniors.

“We have all types of people who have moved here who didn’t serve in the military,” Darrell explained, “but that wanting to be part of something bigger than yourself, it really brings everybody together. And very quickly, they all share a love for the community and a love for their fellow residents.”

Joiners and doers

One of the benefits of the Blue Skies of Texas culture is that the residents are “joiners and doers.” They are active and engaged adults who came to the community to continue their vibrant lifestyles. “We have 70 different clubs,” Darrell shared, “and it’s amazing.” The clubs cover a large range of interests, too. There are the outdoor adventures, such as tennis, pickle ball, bocce ball, golf driving ranges, the running club, the walking club and the biking club. Inside adventures include art clubs, choirs, billiards tournaments, poker games and more. “I could just go on and on,” Darrell said.

“If anyone is considering Blue Skies of Texas,” Darrell added, “you quickly come to know that this is one of the friendliest places you’ve ever been. And the one consistent theme you’ll hear is ‘don’t wait too long to come here.’ This is a place you come when there’s still lots you want to do.”

Culture of camaraderie

What is so wonderful about Blue Skies of Texas is that its culture of camaraderie makes residents very quick to open their arms to new friends and neighbors. “If you think about life in the military,” Darrell explained, “for years and years you move from base to base, and you move into a civilian community where they open their arms and welcome you. At Blue Skies of Texas, it’s just the reverse. And it’s worked out really well!”

The culture of Blue Skies of Texas is not “military culture.” Rather, it is an environment of friendly, active people who are quick to build close bonds with each other. “You hear the term ‘Blue Skies family’ a lot when you’re here, because people do become close; the community becomes some people’s surrogate family. For people who might find themselves isolated if they were living alone, the community fills that niche.”

When you join the Blue Skies of Texas family, you are joining like-minded seniors with similar desires and interests; you are entering a community of folks in a similar walk of life. However, the differences of each resident’s background is part of what makes the community so lively. “The diversity of our residents enhances the fabric of our community,” Darrell shared.

If you’re interested in joining the Blue Skies of Texas family, call 866-553-5389 or click here for a free information kit.