Eat Well and Live Well: Check Out the Dining at Blue Skies of Texas!

In 1929 Virginia Woolf said, “A good dinner is of great importance…One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” Nearly 100 years later this famous quote still rings true, and perhaps more so than ever.

This is one of the reasons we at Blue Skies of Texas put so much care and thought into our restaurants and dining options. After all, what beats a good meal that nourishes the body and nourishes the soul?


Of course, what we eat is one major factor in our overall wellness, and the dining team at Blue Skies of Texas understands this concept completely. As part of our community’s philosophy of overall wellness, designed to keep every individual healthy and active, our dining and nutrition take center stage in this pursuit. Every single day, our chefs create menus that offer nutritious and delicious cuisine crafted with care.

We use the freshest ingredients possible, often sourced directly from nearby growers and producers, and we prepare each menu item using minimal processing or additives. You’ll taste the difference, and you’ll feel good about what you eat here!


With the help of our on-staff registered dietitian, Blue Skies of Texas’ executive chef, Brad, designs culinary experiences, such as familiar local favorites and regional staples, weekly specials, seasonal specialties and special treats for our fun, holiday-themed events. And, of course, everything is cooked to order so that it can be served to your or your guests’ preferences.

We’re also more than happy to accommodate any and all special dietary considerations or needs. Our registered dietitian helps our culinary team craft balanced, delicious menus that cater to anyone’s needs, and one can even take advantage of one-on-one access to a nutrition expert. This is just another example of how we do everything we can to ensure you’re supported in a way that empowers you to live your healthiest and most vibrant life.

Plus, since we do the meal planning and preparation, all you need to do to enjoy a balanced meal is stroll down to one of our several on-campus restaurants. So many residents cite this convenience as one of the things that makes Blue Skies of Texas an excellent value, too!


Speaking of the multiple restaurants here, you’ll be able to choose from the Main Dining Room, Village Café Bistro, Cochran’s Bistro or the Sky Lounge and Bar.

  • The Main Dining Room is open for every meal of the day, with plenty of space and natural light to create a warm environment for sharing a meal with new or longtime friends. Adjacent to the Main Dining Room are the Roadrunner Room and Helen Lemay Room, which are perfect for private occasions with visiting family and guests.
  • The Village Café Bistro is a more casual dining experience that also offers every meal daily. Think of it as an upscale coffee shop that also happens to offer your favorites on a full menu. Enjoy a latte and fresh-baked pastry, or grab a slice of pie (pizza or dessert!) to take home to your lovely residence.
  • Cochran’s Bistro takes the name of Jacqueline Cochran, who commanded the WWII Women Airforce Service Pilots and became our first Board President and Foundation Life Member. With vibes just as cool as her story, the bistro offers casual fare that you can enjoy inside or al fresco on the patio from morning to night.
  • Our famous Sky Lounge and Bar is the elegant 16th-floor penthouse that takes the Blue Skies of Texas dining experience to new heights. Featuring classic and contemporary dinner favorites and unbeatable service, this venue doesn’t just compare to San Antonio’s best dining options—it is one of them.


Even with all these options, we know that the retirement lifestyle is always about the freedom to choose, which extends to your dining choices here at Blue Skies of Texas. If you prefer to eat at home, all of our on-campus restaurants offer take-out options as well as delivery service for maximum convenience. Plus, if you love to cook for yourself, no worries—all of our independent living homes come with complete, customizable kitchens.

For an actual look at our menus, you can peruse the Blue Skies of Texas East offerings (Cochran’s Bistro, Sky Lounge) as well as what’s being served at Blue Skies of Texas West (Main Dining Room). These are just a sample: Our chefs frequently create seasonal and regional specialties that may not be listed online.

With these delectable options at your disposal, the toughest part of dining at Blue Skies of Texas might just be deciding where to eat! And no matter what, each meal is cooked to order because we believe (like Virginia Woolf said), living well starts with dining well.

That said, Blue Skies of Texas is so, so much more than just great dining. To learn more, call our friendly team at 866-553-5389 or click here to download our free info kit!