Financial Security for Seniors: Expert Brad Breeding on Planning a Secure Retirement


Brad Breeding

By the time you’re ready to retire, you’ve likely raised children, built a career and organized everything from community service projects to celebrations with loved ones. You’ve probably seen your share of stressful family situations as well. All these events have cultivated essential planning skills you can now use to map out your retirement—particularly whether you choose to reside in a senior living community.

To help you along the way, Blue Skies of Texas retirement community in San Antonio, TX invited Brad Breeding, president and co-founder of myLifeSite, to speak on May 7 about making educated and confident retirement decisions. As a warm-up to the event, here are the answers to the questions he hears most often about maintaining health, financial wellness and sense of purpose during retirement.

What are the biggest stressors we might face when planning for retirement?

“Folks are living and staying active longer than ever before,” Breeding says. “While that’s great news, it does mean that older adults are concerned about maintaining financial security 10, 20 or even 30 years after they retire. People also tell me that they worry about what would happen if they faced a serious health concern. How would it affect their lifestyle? And would they become a burden to their children?”

Concerns like these might be why a growing number of seniors are choosing Life Plan Communities, also known as continuing care retirement communities (CCRCs). These communities give seniors the flexibility to enjoy an independent maintenance-free lifestyle while providing a reliable support structure should their health needs change. “The number one thing that seniors tell me after they make their move is ‘I wish we’d done this sooner,’” Breeding laughs.

For more than 50 years, Blue Skies of Texas in San Antonio has provided peace of mind you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Once you join our retirement community, you won’t have to worry about a disruptive move or financial surprises if your health needs change. Plus, you’ll have access to a full continuum of outstanding care right here on campus with some of the highest staff-to-resident ratios in the state.

Is “aging in place” the best way to stay independent?

Wanting to stay in your current home is certainly understandable. Moving can be a hassle and you’ve likely spent years—even decades—creating treasured memories with family and friends. And nothing says “independence” like owning your own home, right?

“Aging in place can definitely work out fine for some,” Breeding explains. “But it’s not without its challenges. Chores like housekeeping and yard work become more of a hassle the older we get.” He also points out that having to wait for plumbers, roofers or electricians isn’t the most productive—or fun—way to spend the day.

It may seem counterintuitive, but lots of folks actually achieve greater independence at a senior living community. “Freedom from all the things that come with owning a home gives people time to live their best life, whether that means traveling, volunteering or pursuing their passions,” Breeding says.

So how do residents of Blue Skies declare their independence? If you asked 100 different residents, you’d get 100 different answers. Our Seasoned Soles Walking Club, for example, has become a force to be reckoned with at numerous racing events in San Antonio and beyond. And members of our gardening club have added beekeeping to their growing list of agricultural skill sets. It’s all about inspiring and challenging fellow community members to learn, grow and achieve.

How can we make sure we won’t “outlive our money?”

You’re still healthy and energetic and are looking forward to retirement as a time for new hobbies, travel and get-togethers with family and friends. And if you’ve paid off all or most of your home’s mortgage, aging in place might seem like the safest option financially. But is that always the case?

“Staying in your own home can be easier in theory than in practice,” Breeding points out. “For one thing, there are lots of hidden costs like landscaping and roof repairs—not to mention property taxes, utilities and homeowner’s insurance. And if your health or mobility changes, you’ll have to pay for extras like ramps, chairlifts or in-home care.”

An increasing number of seniors are deciding that moving to a retirement community actually requires less financial planning than aging in place. But aren’t these communities expensive? Not necessarily.

“Many people think that senior living communities are out of their reach, but when they add up their monthly and yearly costs, they might find that it’s actually less expensive to live in a Life Plan Community,” Breeding explains. “And to top it off, you also get access to fitness centers, live entertainment and a choice of dining venues, all set amidst beautifully landscaped grounds.”

At Blue Skies of Texas, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all. As the third largest not-for-profit senior living community in Texas, we offer a range of contract options to fit different life scenarios. Our marketing counselors are always here to help you understand monthly fees, contract types and coverage for a continuum of care.

We’re concerned that our social connections might start to fade. How can we stop that from happening?

Staying engaged and social is one of the highest priorities among seniors, and no wonder. Research shows that regular meaningful social interactions are more important to our overall health than many of us realize.

“Wellness goes beyond simply eating right and exercising,” Breeding says. “An environment that’s rich in social connections motivates you to live your best, most vibrant, life. And that yields numerous health benefits, like lower blood pressure and less risk of disease.”

You’ll find just such an environment at Blue Skies of Texas in San Antonio. Every month we pack our social calendar with fun activities and get-togethers, live cultural programming, outings, and educational workshops—not to mention we have more than 70 resident-run clubs (and counting!)

Love sports? Challenge your neighbors to a round of golf or pickleball. Unique hobby? You’ll find like-minded folks engaged in virtually every activity from chess and singing to woodworking and amateur radio. And if you love giving back to your community, you’re in luck because our residents have always shared a passion for helping others and have created a culture of service that’s one of the hallmarks of life here.

Take a deeper dive into these questions and others at our live seminar in May.

If you’re ready to start making your dreams of a secure dynamic retirement a reality, we’ve got great news. Breeding will be delivering an in-depth presentation at Blue Skies of Texas on Tuesday, May 7. He’ll map out some strategies for evaluating your retirement living options and delve into topics like long-term care insurance and potential tax implications. Be sure to arrive with lots of questions!

To register now, or to schedule a tour of our sought-after senior living community, call 866-553-5389.