Finding Your Best Financial Fit for Retirement

At Blue Skies of Texas, we’re happy to say our wonderful lifestyle, beautiful residences, award-winning health care and delighted residents have made us San Antonio’s premier Life Plan Community. But here’s something just as important. Blue Skies is affordable. In fact, many residents report that they haven’t had to change their spending habits, and they are even saving money in the big picture. By partnering with senior living experts to talk about value and planning, we help people find their best financial fit in retirement.

Blue Skies – Value 101

“Our residents are our mission,” Blue Skies Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Brian Englund says. “That means we strive to provide the best value for your retirement when you compare us to other communities coast to coast.” Learn more about our commitment to providing financial value and use our Money Gauge to help you find the best financial fit for you.

Wherever you are in your planning process, we know you’re looking for a great community going forward. That’s why we partner with some of the country’s most respected retirement living experts and have them provide information you’ll find helpful in your search. We hope you’ll see Blue Skies as a trusted resource as you explore your options.

Read on to get some valuable, objective insights from the senior living experts at myLifeSite™.net, a nationally recognized organization that specializes in providing detailed information for comparing the value and benefits of many different kinds of retirement communities.

Planning for your most rewarding future

Recently we invited Tripp Higgins, myLifeSite’s President, and Co-Founder Brad Breeding to talk with us about the financial and health care advantages of Life Plan Communities (also known as Continuing Care Retirement Communities or CCRCs).

Tripp and Brad specifically designed myLifeSite to help families make better-informed decisions when considering a Life Plan Community. “At myLifeSite, we equip you for success by providing objective and comprehensive information related to CCRCs and other types of age 55 plus retirement living options.” They provide current, well-researched insights to help guide people through the senior living decision-making process.

What does peace of mind mean for you?

Tripp and Brad pose these questions upfront. They suggest taking five minutes to really think about these questions: “What’s most important for you about your future? What do you want to see? What do you not want to see in your future?” This can be a great first step toward giving clarity to your planning.

In discussing the biggest concerns people have about living longer, Tripp shares that “the number one concern is serious health problems, followed by not being a burden on family members.” Next are the worries of running out of money, being lonely, not having a purpose and having nothing to leave to kids and grandkids.

Life Plan Communities, like Blue Skies, positively address these concerns. They provide the peace of mind that you have a solid plan in place for whatever the future brings. Blue Skies CFO Brian Englund, also a senior living expert, adds that “living your best life in our energetic, fun community also gives you peace of mind that award-winning health care, estate planning and even remaining in your Blue Skies home should your finances become depleted are all part of the value we offer.”

What’s the best way to plan?

By bringing in well-respected, national senior living experts like Tripp and Brad, we try to provide as much objective, reliable information as we can to people who are thinking about how to best plan for the future.

Brad sheds light on the four main categories of a solid retirement plan. “Certainly, a really important part of a retirement plan, perhaps the most important part, is the financial piece,” he states. The other categories are wellness, post-health event and family. Brad notes, “They all sort of come back to finances in some way. They’re all interconnected.”

Planning for well-being can be accomplished by many of the advantages that Blue Skies and other Life Plan Communities can provide. When you consider our more than 70 resident-run clubs and activities, fitness offerings, dining options and community events, it’s easy to see that at Blue Skies you can enjoy a fulfilling, wellness-inspired day every day.

Should a sudden health event occur, you’ll have a plan in place to take advantage of our top-notch on-campus health care. Our estate preservation contract options make it easy to plan for your family’s future. Of course, you’ll want to talk with one of our marketing counselors so you can find a plan that’s the best value for your goals.

Financial value, entrance fees and contract types

Senior living experts like those at myLifeSite are so good at discussing the pros and cons of staying in your own home versus various retirement options. “When a retirement community seems the best idea,” Tripp says, “Life Plan Communities, like Blue Skies of Texas, are a combination of all the options.” You’ll have all the fun of 55 plus active adult neighborhoods plus guaranteed access to assisted living, nursing and skilled nursing including memory care, should you ever need them – without having to move or burden family.

“Most Life Plan Communities work on the entrance fee model,” Tripp explains. “This means you choose a contract type and pay an entrance fee that goes toward your home and facilities plus the cost of future health services at a fixed rate or a guaranteed discount. Because people need an option if they move out or pass away, entrance fees are usually refundable to various percentages and over certain periods of time.”

The information on the myLifeSite also addresses your monthly service fee and how that may or may not be affected should you need to add a level of health care. Your monthly service fee helps cover a Life Plan Community’s numerous amenities and activities, and it is determined by the contract type you choose.

At Blue Skies we know one size does not fit all, so we offer a range of contract options and a wide array of beautiful floor plans. Our contract types include Life Care, Continuing Care and Rental contracts. You’ll want to work with one of our friendly marketing counselors to discuss contract types and find the residence style that’s the best financial fit for the future you envision.

Why Blue Skies of Texas?

Blue Skies is arguably the best value in the country. Our CFO Brian Englund points out that an important reason that is true is that we are not-for-profit. “Charitable assistance is available should you ever run out of money. Our mission is our residents, and that’s huge,” he says. “Also, what the organization achieves is reinvested in programs for our residents.” Another big difference is our third-party oversight and resident involvement. “Residents sit on our Board of Directors and all our financial committees. We are very financially strong with a third-party independent audit every year.”

One thing Brian is especially delighted to share with anyone interested in Blue Skies is our 100% Happiness Guarantee. If you’re not 100% happy with Blue Skies within six months of moving in, we will refund 100% of your entrance fee.

Shop around and discover why Blue Skies is an especially strong value compared to other retirement living options. We look forward to hearing from you!

We’d love to share more great senior living insights with you

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