It’s True: Blue Skies of Texas Is Hands Down Your Best Value for Engaged and Exciting Retirement Living in San Antonio

Blue Skies of Texas is a Life Plan Community in San Antonio, Texas, that offers incredible value to its residents. From the stellar amenities to the vibrant people who live here, Blue Skies of Texas has established itself as a community favorite. But what sets Blue Skies of Texas apart from the competition? Why is it so popular with residents and their families?

Let’s explore together!

Dining at Blue Skies of Texas

The dining in our community is excellent for a number of reasons. For one, we have a talented and dedicated staff of executive chefs who ensure that the food is always varied, delicious and focused on nutrition. The top-notch dining also includes weekly specials, seasonal dining and holiday-themed events!

Another big asset to the Blue Skies of Texas dining is the number of different venues. Looking for big spaces for a party? Check out the main dining room! Looking for something a little more formal with panoramic views of the cityscape and Hill Country? Visit the Sky Lounge and Bar! Looking for a more casual venue where you can hang out and watch a sports game or TV show? Stop by Cochran’s Bistro or the Village Café Bistro!

This variety means that, no matter your mood or preference, there will be something perfect for you right on campus.

Wellness at Blue Skies of Texas

At Blue Skies of Texas, wellness isn’t a buzzword; it’s a lifestyle. More importantly, it’s a fun and accessible lifestyle! If you’re interested in fitness, there is no limit to the number of engaging activities to help you continue to be active. From the indoor swimming pool to the yoga classes, tennis courts and biking club, there is always a fun way to keep moving!

On top of that, the dining we offer is designed with nutrition in mind. In fact, we have registered dietitians and nutritionists on staff! There’s nothing better than food that is both good and good for you. If you are interested in the educational side of wellness, we offer informational, interactive presentations and health fairs frequently. Regardless of what wellness means to you, we have something here to help you achieve your goals…and to have some fun while you’re at it!

Community spirit at Blue Skies of Texas

One of the most unique aspects of Blue Skies of Texas is the community itself. Our residents, or the “Blue Skies Family” as they call themselves, are some of the most active, interesting and friendly people you will ever meet! One of the best manifestations of this fact is the sheer number of clubs we have on campus.

We have 70 different clubs here at Blue Skies of Texas. That’s right, 70! Interested in woodworking? The woodshop is full of experts who are eager to teach! Want to bike, run or walk with the other residents? These clubs meet multiple times a week. Interested in HAM radio and remote-controlled model airplanes? We have a radio club! Or maybe you are interested in art. There are clubs for that too! If you want to sing or perform, you can join the chorus or the annual variety show organized entirely by residents.

Our community is also highly invested in volunteerism! On campus, you’ll see residents involved in the activities committee, Resident Council and Dining Room Advisory Council. Off campus, you’ll find residents assisting in the church services at The Mission or in local thrift shops. Folks at Blue Skies of Texas love to give back to their community.

And, if you have a passion that you don’t see represented by a club, you can make one! The Blue Skies of Texas community is full of joiners and doers, people who want to try new things, embark on fresh adventures and connect with new people.

Healthcare at Blue Skies of Texas

As a Life Plan Community, Blue Skies of Texas offers a full continuum of care that covers a wide range of possible needs. Should your needs ever change, you won’t need to move to another community or fret about your finances. Our highly accredited staff and friendly team will offer you whatever you need along the way.

Such quality care offers something with incalculable value: peace of mind for the future. At Blue Skies of Texas, you know that, should the need ever arise, you will have everything you need around you. You can put your time and energy into the present, doing the things you love with the people you love. Life is good when it’s this simple. If you’re interested in learning more about what Blue Skies of Texas can offer you, simply call 866-553-5389 or click here to request a free information kit.