Living in Comfort: A Brief Look into the Navarro

Blue Skies of Texas offers comfort and customizability in its various residences. Regardless of your floor plan, your residence will be completely and uniquely “you.” And with such vibrant and engaged residents living around you, the environment will undoubtedly be a colorful place to live.

One of the most popular residences is the generous two-bedroom, two-bath Navarro.

  The Navarro

Customizable comfort

The Navarro, with its impressive living/dining room area, is ideal for entertaining family and friends. If you want to host someone overnight, the second bedroom is spacious and comfortable. If you would prefer a workspace or hobby room, it’s only a few pieces of furniture away from becoming your dedicated study. This flexibility was perfect for Shirley Clark, who moved to Blue Skies of Texas five years ago.

“Having two bedrooms was perfect,” Shirley shared. “I have antique chests from everyone in my family and I could put some beneath the window.”

However, the ability to shape the residence to your preferences is not limited to how you use the Navarro’s second bedroom. When you first move in, Blue Skies of Texas will customize the apartment with everything from new flooring to new countertops. Ed and Ann Albert, who have lived in a Navarro home since 2015, took advantage of this customization when they moved in.

“We brought furniture with us that we’ve had for years, so all the furniture is ours. We picked out the type of flooring and the paint colors. We had bookshelves built under one of the counters between the kitchen in the living room,” Ed explained.

With a variety of ways to customize, you can be confident that the Navarro will perfectly fit your lifestyle.

Convenience with a view

Navarro homes are centrally located on the campus, which has a number of benefits.  One such benefit is that it is directly connected to many of Blue Skies of Texas’ resort-like amenities.

Ed said, “We can go downstairs and, without going outside, we can go to both of the restaurants. We only have to go outside for maybe 10 feet to get to the swimming pool and rec center. Everything is very convenient.”

The building itself is also very close to the Mission, Blue Skies of Texas’ center for higher levels of care. Shirley explained that this was a blessing because she was easily able to visit her husband while he was there.

The other big benefit of living in the Navarro is the view. Each Navarro home comes with a spacious split balcony where you can relax and drink in the scenery, a particularly valuable feature in such a uniquely beautiful environment. The surrounding area is a harmonious combination of cityscape and countryside that organically overlaps and intertwines. It’s a great place to share a cocktail while enjoying gentle breezes, but if you want some time to yourself, the master bedroom has its own private section of balcony as well.

“We have a nice view to the west out toward hill country, and we get sunsets. So, for us, it was just right,” Ed explained.

A hassle-free lifestyle

At Blue Skies of Texas, your home will also be completely maintenance free. Say goodbye to tedious household upkeep; instead, spend your time and energy doing the things you love. You didn’t move to Blue Skies of Texas to do chores!

For a couple like Ed and Ann, this is the ideal situation.

“We travel a lot,” Ed shared. “Sometimes three or four months at a time. We like that we can just get up and leave. We always look forward to coming home, but the fact that we don’t have to do the maintenance, that we’ve got maid service, that basically, if we’re going to be away for a while, we can just lock the door and know everything will be taken care of – it turned out to be exactly what we were looking for.”

For Ed and Ann, the Navarro home offers some much-needed downtime in between adventures. After returning from a two-month road trip through Alaska, they are preparing to go to Arizona to volunteer as tour guides at Kartchner Caverns State Park. When they aren’t traveling across the country, they are active members of the Blue Skies of Texas community. They are both members of resident committees, and they help run the popcorn and shaved ice stands.

Ed, Ann and Shirley are emblematic of the most important part of Blue Skies of Texas: the community. Residents at Blue Skies of Texas are passionate and forward-thinking, and they use their maintenance-free lifestyle as a springboard to plan their next adventure – always growing and always engaging with each other and with the city of San Antonio. With so many wonderful people living around you, it won’t be long before you have friends right down the hall.

If you are interested in connecting with the Blue Skies of Texas community or learning more about the living options, call today at (866) 553-5389 or click here to schedule an appointment.