Looking for Senior Apartments in San Antonio? Check out Blue Skies of Texas

If you’re looking for senior apartments in San Antonio, you’re undoubtedly aware of the number of different options. You may be comparing 55+ communities and Life Plan Communities, or you might be deciding between rental or entrance fee models for contract options. At the end of the day, it benefits you to weigh the pros and cons of every option, because it all comes down to which total package best suits your wants and needs.

Every plan has its advantages, so which plan works best for you – for today and for tomorrow?

Blue Skies of Texas is a Life Plan Community that offers senior apartments in San Antonio coupled with an extensive list of amenities and services. If you want the benefits of a Life Plan Community with the flexibility of the rental model, then Blue Skies of Texas has a perfect plan for you.

What is a Life Plan Community?

A Life Plan Community is a retirement community for active people like you that offers top-tier amenities and services. One of the particularly valuable services that a Life Plan Community offers is a completely maintenance-free lifestyle. Everything from mowing the lawn to fixing appliances is included in your monthly service package. Although some senior apartments in San Antonio offer this kind of lifestyle to their residents, it’s certainly not something that always “comes standard.”

More significantly, a Life Plan Community like Blue Skies of Texas offers guaranteed access to a full continuum of care that is completely on campus. Should your needs ever change, you won’t need to leave the community or be forced to make new arrangements. All of the healthcare will be right next door.

What is the rental apartment home model?

Blue Skies of Texas offers two different contract options for incoming residents: the rental model and the entrance fee model. In both models, residents pay a monthly service fee (MSF) that covers most of their amenities and services. This fee includes but is not limited to all utilities, maintenance, scheduled transportation, recreational and educational programs, and access to the heated swimming pool and fitness center. The amenities and services included in your MSF are what set Blues Skies of Texas apart from other providers of senior apartments in San Antonio.

In the entrance fee model, you make a larger one-time payment upfront, which typically comes from the sale of a house. The benefit of the entrance fee is that it covers the potential future cost of all on-site higher levels of care, securing your plan for the future while protecting your assets. With the entrance fee model, should your needs ever change, your MSF will change minimally, if at all.

This is where rental apartments offer flexibility. In the rental model, you pay less upfront, and you don’t pay for higher levels of care unless your needs change. A number of benefits are associated with rental models. First, it is important to mention that even with the rental arrangement, all members of the community at Blue Skies of Texas will have priority access to high-quality healthcare at reduced rates. Second, the rental model offers new residents the chance to join the community without the commitment of an entrance fee.

Although some residents greatly enjoy the peace of mind that an entrance fee brings, others may have other long-term options arranged and want their future to remain flexible. That is why Blue Skies of Texas offers both. No matter your preferences or needs, we have a plan to meet them. If you’re looking for senior apartments in San Antonio and you’re interested in Blue Skies of Texas, click here to request a free info kit or call today at (866) 553-5389. We’re here to help you make the most informed decision.