Meet Jill Garza: Avid Gardener and Happy Making New Friends

Though Blue Skies of Texas has historically served former military members, a military background is not required to call our community “home.” There are many residents at Blue Skies of Texas with non-military backgrounds, like resident Jill Garza, who was initially attracted to the community for its strong reputation and non-profit status, along with the availability of on-site healthcare, should she ever need it. Jill has called Blue Skies of Texas “home” since early 2017, and she’s enjoying every minute of it.

“I don’t have to cook and I don’t have to clean. I don’t even have to change a lightbulb. I feel like a kid again. I let someone else do all the important stuff and I just play with my friends!” Jill exclaimed.

Choosing Blue Skies of Texas

When Jill started her search for the best place to live a few years ago, she didn’t limit herself in terms of a location. She had been living in Canyon Lake, Texas, at the time, but was open to the idea of moving anywhere in the country. She had a strict list of requirements in mind for her future home and decided she would move anywhere she needed to end up at the perfect spot. Fortunately, she didn’t have to go very far, and found her perfect community here in San Antonio.

“About four years ago, my mother and my husband who had both been ill for a long time went into nursing homes within six months of each other,” said Jill. “It was not something anyone wanted, but my husband had a stroke and my mother had been suffering from dementia. When my mother was released from the hospital, the doctor said she wouldn’t be able to go home, and it made me wonder what’s going to happen to me some day.”

This question is what led Jill to learn about the benefits of a Life Plan Community. A Life Plan Community, like Blue Skies of Texas, is a type of senior living community that offers assisted livingskilled nursingmemory care, and short-term rehab available on-site, should a resident ever need it.  Life Plan Communities also provide residents a maintenance-free lifestyle by offering services and amenities like home maintenance, dining services, housekeeping, and more, freeing the time of residents to do the things they enjoy most.

Jill knew she wanted to move to a Life Plan Community, but she also wanted her future community to be a not-for-profit as well as being CARF Accredited. These requirements allowed her to narrow down her search, and after several visits, she ultimately landed on Blue Skies of Texas.

“Blue Skies of Texas met all those requirements, so I felt like it would be a good, safe, secure place to live the rest of my life, where I could get everything I need as time goes on. Right now, I’m healthy but I don’t know what the future holds,” said Jill.

The Ease of Making New Friends

Jill quickly made friends with her new neighbors, many of whom would consider her to be a warm and friendly person. She plays mahjong with friends three times a week, enjoys line dancing, and is an avid gardener. She has potted plants she tends to on her balcony, and takes care of 16 rose bushes that are planted in the community garden. Jill also socializes by dining with different groups of friends at each mealtime, attending community events and parties, and meeting with others for cocktails occasionally in the evening.

“I’m surprised at how fast you make friends here,” said Jill. “I thought I was making the move because it was the responsible thing to do, but I’ve never had so much fun in all my life!”

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