Reasons to Look Beyond the 55+ Communities in San Antonio


One day, you may be outside at your house doing tedious yard work in the Texas heat: clipping branches, yanking weeds and watering plants. Or perhaps you’ll be inside feeling frustrated with another appliance malfunction, cleaning rooms you don’t use, or rotating recipes that have gotten stale.

Little by little these frustrations have built up, and then it just hits you, and you start thinking about making a change. You know a lot of options are out there for folks seeking to maintain their active lifestyles and get rid of the annoyances of home upkeep. Beyond that, you’ve worked hard, and it’s about time that you spend your days how you choose rather than being tied to seemingly constant chores, the stress of unpredictable house repairs and ever-rising costs of taxes and utilities.

So, you begin to consider the options in the San Antonio area. Although a 55+ community may seem like an obvious choice and a safe bet, here are a few key reasons to look beyond the 55+ communities in San Antonio.


The San Antonio area is a popular destination for its climate and culture, and as a result, plenty of choices for 55+ communities are in San Antonio and the greater metro area.

Most 55+ communities in San Antonio offer convenient living options for individuals and couples who don’t need as much space as they once did. These living choices are often customizable to a degree and can range in style from apartments to townhomes or even single-family homes. Along with the accommodations, 55+ communities in San Antonio typically also include home maintenance, upkeep and landscaping as an amenity. So, you’ll have no more sweltering spring and summer days in the yard. However, some 55+ communities are standard home purchases, so the responsibilities of home ownership remain with you.

Beyond the brick-and-mortar benefits, 55+ communities tend to provide residents a community of like-minded neighbors who are similar in age and share common bonds. Sometimes, they’ll offer group activities and events that build camaraderie. Furthermore, these communities tend to offer lifestyle amenities such as restaurant-style dining venues, shared fitness areas and perhaps a pool, tennis court or golf course.

Although a 55+ community may shine for today, choosing one may not be the best long-term option because most 55+ communities in San Antonio do not have on-site healthcare services extending beyond the scope of a basic clinic. So if your daily health needs would change, you may have to move again. Or, if your partner experiences a medical challenge that forces one of you to relocate, you may have to live separately for a time and cope with the associated stress and costs.

Fortunately, there’s an option that offers resort-like amenities, a top-flight lifestyle and the security of knowing that your future needs will be met.


A Life Plan Community is just what it sounds like. It’s a community that allows its members to successfully age in place with guaranteed peace of mind for the future – while including all the lifestyle benefits of a 55+ community and more.

The biggest difference between the 55+ communities in San Antonio and a Life Plan Community like Blue Skies of Texas is the assurance of onsite healthcare if needed, as needed. If you or your partner should ever need short- or long-term rehabilitation, some daily help via assisted living or full-time skilled nursing care, a Life Plan Community provides it all on one campus at a stable and predictable cost based on the contract option you choose.

Taking it a step further, Blue Skies of Texas provides a resort-like, maintenance-free lifestyle, a variety of customizable residence options and top-flight amenities. Every day, you’ll enjoy free time to do things you want: rekindle a hobby, continue your career, learn a new skill, start a band, volunteer – the sky’s the limit.

If you’re considering making your next move to one of the 55+ communities in San Antonio, consider what they offer – and what they lack – especially compared to Life Plan Communities like Blue Skies of Texas.

Now that you know a little bit about what makes Life Plan Communities special, we invite you to download this free info kit to learn why Blue Skies of Texas may be the best fit for you. If you have any questions while exploring this community, which is open to people from all walks of life, contact us online or call 866-553-5389. We look forward to hearing from you!