Spotlight on Blue Skies of Texas East

San Antonio, Texas is one of America’s best-kept secrets. Just ask the residents of Blue Skies of Texas, specifically at East Campus. The active adult community has two campuses a few miles from each other. Both campuses have incredible features and there’s a little competition between the two as to which is the friendliest. There’s so much to do on either campus that residents are sometimes busier in retirement than they were in their careers. The sunny climate of San Antonio and its bustling downtown area make this an ideal part of the country to retire.

Making New Friends Throughout Life

For those who may not be feeling very social after years of COVID-19 precautions, active adult communities are the perfect place to make new friends. And one thing’s for sure, the residents at Blue Skies get along well. Many lasting friendships between residents have started as a result of shared interests or common backgrounds. Though Blue Skies of Texas was initially founded as a community for retired Air Force personnel, not everyone who lives here is former military. Civilians and former military residents find they have a lot in common. Many of our residents have had worldly and active lives, which makes swapping stories richly rewarding. Diversity is something to celebrate and as such, many world holidays are celebrated throughout the year, which helps foster new connections and brighten the lives of residents.

You hear about “southern hospitality,” and at Blue Skies, they really mean it.  Residents are happy to welcome others into their social circles. When new residents move in, they’re assigned a sponsor who answers their questions and introduces them around. Prospective residents visiting Blue Skies of Texas will be charmed to know they’ll never have a meal alone. It’s customary for seasoned residents to invite visitors and new members right over to their tables during mealtimes.

Connections Through Experiences 

“The key to longevity is laughter,” according to resident Raquel Horton. It’s widely observed that socialization throughout life has positive impacts on overall well-being.  

Residents bond through the plethora of clubs, classes and outings available to them at Blue Skies. There are over 70 resident-led clubs, activities and committees between the East and West campuses. Unlike a rec center or fitness club, at Blue Skies the attendees and instructors of the classes are like a family. You’re not only taking a yoga class or going on a trip to a historic mission, but you’re also enjoying a shared experience with neighbors.  

There’s a wide age range at Blue Skies of Texas and many visitors are impressed by how active residents of all ages are. Both campuses feature heated indoor pools and gorgeously landscaped grounds perfect for long walks, jogging and bike rides.  

Gardening is one of the most popular activities at Blue Skies and the half-acre community garden is one of East Campus’s most impressive attributes. Residents grow unique flowers and produce and are happy to share their crops. In addition to the Gardening Club, East Campus features a well-equipped (and popular) woodshop and art studio. Here, residents can return to the creative projects they enjoyed previously, or try something completely new.  

If on the off chance the craft or activity you love isn’t offered, Blue Skies gives residents license to create their own space for it. That’s how the Quilting Club came to be. A resident arrived with only beginner’s level experience but wanted to improve her skills. She wasn’t alone, and over time she and a few other quilters were able to secure a special quilting room. Through forming the club, she was able to connect with other residents and learn from more experienced quilters.

Campus with a View

Blue Skies of Texas East sits on a gorgeous location. Residents are close enough to San Antonio that they can go into the city for trendy dining and cultural institutions but they’re far enough out to take in all the natural beauty of Texas Hill Country.

The best place to take in the views of both downtown and the sprawling landscape is from the Sky Lounge Penthouse Restaurant & Bar located on the 16th floor of the main campus tower. The Sky Lounge is a popular place for East Campus residents to mingle in a truly upscale environment. 

Another perk of living on the East Campus is nearby Medina Air Force Base. Each morning residents can hear the Reveille bugle, ringing in another beautiful day and bringing back warm memories for retired military residents. The National Anthem can also be heard each evening followed by Taps.

East Campus features several different types of residences. Whether you prefer the urban chic of high-rise living or the homey aesthetic of a cottage-style home, there’s something for everyone here. There’s no shortage of amenities on-site at either campus including proximity to top-notch healthcare, dog parks, and electric car charging stations. No matter which of the beautiful campuses you choose to visit, we guarantee you’ll feel right at home. 

Come see what makes our residents at Blue Skies of Texas so happy. Schedule your visit today by calling 210-673-2761.