Staff Spotlight: Leslie Cisneros Helps Folks Land the Retirement of Their Dreams

Leslie Cisneroes

If you’ve ever scheduled a tour of Blue Skies of Texas senior living community—or signed up for one of our fun, informative events—you’ve probably spoken with one of our knowledgeable sales counselors. They’re always delighted to answer your questions, ease your concerns and help you shorten the path to a secure retirement rich in possibilities.

Senior Marketing Counselor, Leslie Cisneros is one of the most familiar faces in our main office. For more than a generation, she’s been making sure that active seniors have the information they need to make the right decision about retirement living. We caught up with Leslie and asked her what makes working at Blue Skies in San Antonio as rewarding as living here.

Discovering her true calling in our vibrant retirement community

Leslie, who thrives in a busy office setting, began her journey with Blue Skies of Texas in 1997 as an administrative assistant. After only six months, Leslie’s enthusiasm and dedication earned her the title of Marketing Secretary, and it wasn’t long before she was offered the position of Marketing Counselor.

“To be honest, I didn’t really picture myself in this role when I first started working at Blue Skies,” Leslie laughs. “But I soon realized that the community’s mission of helping seniors find freedom, fulfillment and security was something I held dear to my heart as well.”

As you might expect, no two days are ever quite the same, and that suits Leslie just fine. “My day might start with a few follow-up calls, which can quickly balloon into three on-site visits,” she explains. “It can get hectic, but when a person or couple tells me they’ve found their perfect fit, it really feels like I’ve made a difference in their lives.”

Helping seniors reach their “aha moment” in retirement planning

Future residents of Blue Skies often walk into Leslie’s office expecting a sales pitch—and are pleasantly surprised to learn that she has none. In fact, she doesn’t really consider herself a salesperson at all.

“My approach is simply to listen,” Leslie says. “Seniors have lots of questions and concerns about Life Plan Communities, so I first need to understand what’s important to them. Only then can we start exploring how Blue Skies can help make their vision for retirement a reality.”

Many conversations start with folks asking about dining options or how large the apartments and cottages are. But Leslie says the “aha moments” come when they realize that long-term value and peace of mind are huge parts of the picture. No matter what type of home they choose, they can enjoy the active, amenity-rich lifestyle they want, knowing that there’s a full continuum of care right here on campus should their needs ever change. And Leslie says that’s a real eye-opener for many seniors.

“I can’t tell you how many times someone will tell me that their spouse dragged them here, only to leave saying ‘let’s move now!’”

Building relationships that last from generation to generation

Much has changed over the 27 years since Leslie first planted roots at Blue Skies of Texas. But one thing’s stayed the same: the deep personal connections that promote social wellness for residents and staff members alike. Leslie says that when she leaves her office for “just a second,” it often ends up taking a half hour or more. And she wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I always run into someone I know, and we spend time just sharing parts of our lives with each other,” she says. “People tell me about their latest trip, or how their grandson got the lead in the school play … all sorts of things. And they even ask me about my son, who used to work in the Blue Skies dining room, or my daughter, who visited folks in Freedom House memory care when she was a little girl.”

Sometimes these connections last through multiple generations. Leslie’s at a point in her career where she’s helping the children of residents move to our award-winning retirement community in San Antonio. “Now they can start enjoying their best lives too,” she says. “It makes me feel like I’ve been doing everything right, that I’m not just doing a job. Because it’s not a job to me … it’s a calling.”

Considering a senior living community? Leslie offers some insights

Today’s Life Plan Communities, like Blue Skies of Texas, are not places where residents sit and watch the day go by. They’re vibrant villages that take care of things big and small, so you can spend your time learning, growing, contributing … and having a blast. And Leslie knows a thing or two about finding your ideal retirement community.

“My most important piece of advice is to look at the whole picture, not just the location, dining options, amenities or homes,” she explains. “And here at Blue Skies, we really do offer what I call ‘the collective.’ We’re also pioneers in so many areas, like cultivating dimensions of wellness, implementing the latest computer technology and developing innovative approaches to memory care.”

Leslie also stresses the importance of finding a community that offers a plan for your future health needs. Here at Blue Skies retirement community, you’ll have access to a full continuum of care on campus with some of the highest staff-to-resident ratios in the state. So, you won’t have to worry about a disruptive move or financial surprises. “It’s so satisfying when I see residents use our continuum of care the way it was intended,” Leslie says. “It shows how we look out for each other here.”

And now that Leslie and her husband are getting closer to retirement, you can guess which senior living community is at the top of their list. “We’re definitely aiming for Blue Skies of Texas,” she says. “We’re still young enough to enjoy it, so why wouldn’t we?”

Talk to us today about planning your secure, dynamic retirement

If you’re impressed by Leslie’s enthusiasm, dedication and decades of knowledge about retirement living, you’re in luck. Because we have a whole team of friendly sales counselors just like Leslie who are ready to help you make your home in San Antonio’s premier Life Plan Community.

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