The Best Senior Living San Antonio Has to Offer

If you are searching for your ideal senior living community, you have undoubtedly come across a lot of different options. It is important to find a community that is not only high quality, but also well-suited to your specific preferences. This is why communities that offer flexibility in contract options and a wide array of activities tend to attract more people. And it is this quality and variety that make Blue Skies of Texas the best senior living San Antonio has to offer.

An active and engaged community

One of the first things you will notice about Blue Skies of Texas is that the residents are engaged and active. We have endless opportunities for life-enriching educational experiences, exercise and fun! From yoga clubs to music and choice clubs to woodworking, biking and visual arts – there’s always something to do.

Beautiful environment

Blue Skies of Texas also offers a gorgeous location. The scenery blends the natural environment organically with a more urban backdrop to give you the best of both worlds. Are you interested in biking? Miles of beautiful track are located right off campus. Do you want to go into the city? The heart of San Antonio is a short drive away. On top of that, there is regularly scheduled transportation to take residents into San Antonio for anything from shopping to cultural experiences.

Life care + flexibility

One of the advantages to life at Blue Skies of Texas is that it is a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). This advantage means that the community offers a full spectrum of care to its residents. At a 55+ community, if your needs were to ever change, you would have to go through the inconvenient and painful process of moving. But at a CCRC, if your needs ever change, the community can offer you the care you need right on campus.

However, Blue Skies of Texas also offers a unique level of choice in contract options that you don’t typically see, even in other CCRCs. When you move in, you can choose a Life Care contract or a rental contract. Everyone has a different circumstance, so either of these choices may appeal to you for unique reasons, and we encourage you to call us if you want to review the options in detail. We guarantee you it will be hard to find any other senior living community in San Antonio that offers so many options and such incredible value.

What it all comes down to is having choices—and we know how important it is to have choices. If you want a Life Care contract, we have that. If you prefer a rental community, no problem. This life can be yours. You can enjoy beautiful scenery without being far from the city. And if you have any hobby or interest, you’re sure to find people as enthusiastic as you are about it. At Blue Skies of Texas, you never have to settle. It is a vibrant, enriching community – and this is why we stand by our statement that Blue Skies of Texas is hands-down the best senior living San Antonio has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Blue Skies of Texas lifestyle, call 866-553-5389 or click here for a free information kit.