The Blue Skies of Texas Ambassador Program Makes Potential New Residents Feel at Home

Blue Skies of Texas ambassadors meeting

Feeling a sense of home is one of the most important elements in determining where you take your next step. With that in mind, Blue Skies of Texas offers a way to feel at home before you even make the move, thanks to our ambassador program. Led by Blue Skies residents, Paula Haley, Robert Certain, and Bruce Wilcox, this program connects current residents with potential new residents to ensure that sense of home shines through from the very beginning. So, what is it all about and how did it get started?

How the Blue Skies ambassador program started

Soon after moving to Blue Skies in 2010, Don Hallager became chairman of the Residents’ Council marketing committee. Having recently made the decision to join Blue Skies with his wife, Ginnie, Don saw an opportunity to create a formal ambassador program and share what makes our community so special with potential new residents.

Bruce and Paula have each lived at Blue Skies of Texas for several years. When Bruce first arrived here, he said that it took a few months for him to “figure out what’s next.” However, Bruce eventually joined the residents’ council and saw an opportunity to make an impact like Don and so many of his peers have done. On the council, Bruce noted that individuals interested in Blue Skies had been asking questions to which only current residents could provide the best answers. That’s where he realized the importance of the ambassador program, creating genuine connections with prospective residents outside of the marketing realm.

The program brings you, an interested and forward-thinking individual, together with our current residents who enjoy the many connections with one another at Blue Skies.

“The goal is to allow people to get a better feeling of who we are,” Paula said. “I remember before I moved here, I wondered, ‘Who are these people that live here? What do they do for fun?’”

That’s exactly what the ambassador program helps answer, and our ambassadors play a large role in making sure every prospective new resident can get those answers firsthand.

How the program works

Paula, Robert, and Bruce work as matchmakers between current residents and potential new residents, often arranging dining or personalized tours. Once they know more about the potential new resident, they will get in touch with a current resident with similar interests, goals and hobbies. Paula provided the example of a single woman who wants to look at Blue Skies: “I know she likes to travel, golf and swim. It’s my job to find someone who will match up to her with similar interests and have dinner with her. I would select another single woman who also likes to travel.”

In total, there are more than 100 ambassadors enrolled in the program. This includes both couples and single individuals of varying backgrounds who have all led—and continue to lead—impressively interesting lives. In Don’s opinion, “The biggest selling point is the vitality and true presence of the ‘sense of community’ here.” No matter your hobbies or background, the ambassador program provides an opportunity for you to connect with a like-minded member of the Blue Skies community who can show you what this place is truly all about. And who knows, you may also make a lifelong pal!

To that point, the ambassador program has sparked friendships and enabled those initial connections to blossom, leading to lasting adventures. Paula noted, “I’ve absolutely become friends with people I’ve showed around. There was this couple that came in, and the woman owned an orphanage in Vietnam. The husband was planning to move here, while she planned to leave him for six months to attend to the orphanage. I actually visited the orphanage during my time in Vietnam, so she invited me to return to Vietnam with her to visit!”

Meanwhile, Bruce has met some individuals whom he remains close with today. Bruce recently met a man from Wyoming. “He and I had a lot of background in common,” Bruce said. “I finished college at the University of Wyoming and that’s where he was stationed and is living now.” In fact, he flew his personal plane to Blue Skies the first time he came to visit, and Bruce picked him up at the airport before the two had dinner. Now, he’s one of the happy residents at Blue Skies.

Paula and Bruce shared a similar sentiment on the best part of the ambassador program: They love meeting new people and can’t wait to meet you so that you can feel at home from the very start. If you’re interested in visiting Blue Skies of Texas and meeting your very own ambassador, contact us at 866-553-5389.