Wellness: What it Means to Us at Blue Skies of Texas

Wellness at Blue Skies of Texas

If you have been researching active senior living communities, you have probably heard the word “wellness” more times than you can count. But what does this word truly mean? While different communities have their own approaches to wellness, at Blue Skies of Texas we make sure that wellness isn’t just a buzzword. For us, it is a lifestyle–a lifestyle that can be made both accessible and fun through amenities, services, and a dedicated staff.

Amenities make wellness easy

At Blue Skies of Texas, we want to ensure that you can continue your active lifestyle without inconvenience. One way we make wellness accessible is through our top-notch dining. Our chef-prepared dining puts an emphasis on both nutrition and flavor so that you will always have food that is both good and good for you. In fact, we even have a registered nutritionist and dietitian on staff. Not only is the dining focused on being healthful, but you also have one-on-one access to professionals who can help craft a meal plan that’s perfect for you.

Blue Skies of Texas has a number of Lifestyle Program professionals on staff who keep up to date on the latest developments in wellness practices. These friendly professionals help inform our programming and activities, and they can also assist you personally in forming a customized wellness plan for your future. To help with this process, we offer free health fairs, screenings, and interactive informational presentations.

Other helpful wellness amenities include our modern fitness center (complete with exercise and yoga classes), our heated indoor swimming pool, and our tennis courts. There is no shortage of ways for you to stay healthy and active at Blue Skies of Texas!

Activities and clubs make wellness fun

Wellness is not just about physical fitness. It is about intellectual, social, and emotional health as well. And there is no better resource for these dimensions of wellness than the active, friendly residents in our community! Blue Skies of Texas is a community of joiners and doers, as seen by more than 70 different clubs on campus. That’s right, 70! No matter your interests, you will undoubtedly have neighbors who are eager to join you.

Whether you’re interested in music, art, woodworking, biking, yoga, golf, or continued education, you’ll have a wide array of ways to continue your active lifestyle while connecting with new friends. This unique culture of camaraderie is something you truly need to experience to understand.

Accessible care offers you peace of mind

As a Life Plan Community, Blue Skies of Texas ensures that you will always have priority access to high-quality care, should the need ever arise. This means that if your needs change, you don’t have to worry about the future or move from the community. Instead, you can put your time and energy into the things and people you love. The future may be full of unknowns, but with such excellent care nearby, you can rest easy.

With so many ways to assist you on your wellness journey, Blue Skies of Texas offers fantastic value for active and engaged living in San Antonio. To learn more about wellness at Blue Skies of Texas, call 866-553-5389 or click here to request a free information kit.