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Looking for Senior Living Apartments in TX? Here’s Why Life Plan Communities Like Blue Skies of Texas Rise to the Top

At Blue Skies of Texas, our trusted heritage and spirited daily lifestyle combine to create a place that’s truly unlike any other. People from all walks of life form fast friendships and enjoy a setting that’s equally beautiful as it is usable for finding adventure each day. You’ve never settled for less than the best, so here is why Blue Skies of Texas and its status as a Life Plan Community is simply the perfect option for anyone seeking senior living apartments in TX.

The long-term security: Financial and medical

One of the biggest benefits of a Life Plan Community like Blue Skies is security. As a Life Plan Community, Blue Skies offers a full continuum of on-site care with guaranteed access. If your needs ever change, this means you don’t have to worry about moving. There are also long-term financial benefits. With Life Care contract options, you eliminate any concern about the rising cost of medical care. Further, because of the flexibility of Blue Skies’ various contract options, you’ll be able to select a plan that works financially best for you and preserves your legacy.

Endless opportunities to stay involved

Blue Skies of Texas presents a plethora of invigorating amenities to help you continue living a vibrant and active lifestyle. But it’s about a lot more than just the physical setting that inspires action. You’ll benefit from the permeating sense of camaraderie, too. Stroll down the hall and you’ll find friends eager to try something new or hone a lifelong hobby. Seeking to make—or increase—the impact you have on the world? Many of your neighbors have been doing that their entire lives, and Blue Skies residents are known for their volunteerism in San Antonio and beyond, among many other things. You’ll fit right in.

Whether it’s through participation in one of our many exercise classes or the annual resident-produced variety show, Blue Skies empowers long-lasting relationships. And members of our community look forward to meeting you as well.

The beautiful apartments

The senior living apartments at Blue Skies of Texas soar above all the rest in terms of value. From luxurious, spacious floor plans to the reasonable entrance fees, our apartments offer the features you expect at a price that’s perhaps unexpected.

For example, the exclusive “3” series apartments feature 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and spacious balconies. At an entrance fee starting at only $119,900, this apartment is perfect for an active senior looking to convert his or her second bedroom into an office to continue to work from home.

Meanwhile, the spacious High “5” Home features five-star views, an ideal three-station kitchen, and two full bedrooms and bathrooms so you have plenty of space to entertain your family and other guests. Plus, with a reasonable entrance fee of only $128,900, this home could easily be yours. Looking for something a little smaller? Consider the Home Sweet “B”, a one-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a balcony. This home is even more affordable with only a $24,900 entrance fee!

There’s something for everyone at Blue Skies of Texas, whether you’re looking for a space to entertain your family or a cozy apartment ready for relaxing—Blue Skies truly offers the best senior living apartments in terms of value and security.

So, if you’re looking for the best senior living apartments in Texas, look no further than Blue Skies. With the security of a Life Plan community, the fantastic amenities, welcoming community and beautiful apartments, you’ll find plenty of reasons to love retirement here. To learn more about Blue Skies and find out why we offer the best senior living apartments in TX, contact us at (866) 553-5389