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Cut From the Same Cloth

Blue Skies of Texas offers military retirees new connections through common backgrounds. A sense of community is important—especially as we get older and it becomes more difficult to make new connections. At Blue Skies of Texas, it’s easy to meet new people. Many of our residents had careers in the military and adjacent industries which...
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Spotlight on Blue Skies of Texas East

San Antonio, Texas is one of America’s best-kept secrets. Just ask the residents of Blue Skies of Texas, specifically at East Campus. The active adult community has two campuses a few miles from each other. Both campuses have incredible features and there’s a little competition between the two as to which is the friendliest. There’s...

Wellness Is a Journey, Not a Race 

Blue Skies of Texas Has an All-Encompassing Approach to Wellness We see the word “wellness” bandied about so much in today’s self-care-obsessed world, but its meaning and value often escape quantification. In the context of retirement living, wellness is a catch-all for resident health and fitness. Physical activity is a major factor in thriving throughout...

New Year, Upgraded You!

Setting intentions for a healthier and more peaceful year. It’s the time of year for well-intentioned resolutions and phrases like “new year, new me” to start appearing in social media…
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