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Living Free in the Fayette Apartment Home

Life at Blue Skies of Texas is active, fun and comforting for a number of reasons. But our cozy apartment homes certainly top the list. After a long day of fun with your neighbors, there is nothing quite like going back to your very own comfy apartment home right on campus. So let us introduce...

Blue Skies of Texas Residents Take Off!

A group of intrepid adventurers from Blue Skies of Texas started the decade in blockbuster style at a local virtual parachute experience January 8. Jim Conner, Pat Wagner,  Susan Stuckert and Dottie Conner had 2 fantastic flights each in the wind tunnel/tube. An outstanding adventure captured by our photographer Bob Stuckert. What a way to...

Blue Skies of Texas Is a Financially Savvy Decision

There is no denying that Blue Skies of Texas is an exciting place to live. The community is composed of active, engaged and inspiring people who bring their distinct backgrounds and personal interests into our neighborhoods. In fact, it’s such a special place to live that many assume the cost of joining the Blue Skies...

New Year, Upgraded You!

Setting intentions for a healthier and more peaceful year. It’s the time of year for well-intentioned resolutions and phrases like “new year, new me” to start appearing in social media…
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