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Meet Jill Garza: Avid Gardener and Happy Making New Friends

Though Blue Skies of Texas has historically served former military members, a military background is not required to call our community “home.” There are many residents at Blue Skies of Texas with non-military backgrounds, like resident Jill Garza, who was initially attracted to the community for its strong reputation and non-profit status, along with the...

Reasons to Look Beyond the 55+ Communities in San Antonio

  One day, you may be outside at your house doing tedious yard work in the Texas heat: clipping branches, yanking weeds and watering plants. Or perhaps you’ll be inside feeling frustrated with another appliance malfunction, cleaning rooms you don’t use, or rotating recipes that have gotten stale. Little by little these frustrations have built...

Employee Spotlight: Lilly Ramos, R.N.

Lilly Ramos, R.N., has been a nurse for twenty plus years and of you were to ask her, she will tell you it makes her sad to think that one day she will have to leave because of her age.  Not so fast Lilly! A dedicated Blue Skies of Texas employee, Lilly has been a...

Music and Memory Program Summary-Vista

Music and Memory is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology ( using I-pods with personalized music play lists) ,  improving their quality of life. Information about their program can be found at:   The Vista embraced this program and our residents...